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  1. I see a number of examples online, but they typically are not dimensioned. To my eye some of them look like they would not be balanced given the placement of mast, lee board, and sail plan. The pirogue I am building is pretty much the same as the uncle johns plans. I am building it to an oal of 15'. I think it would be a big plus to have short mast and other parts short enough to easily stow on board. A not so tall rig also seems like a good idea for a tippy boat like a pirogue. Boomless might be nice with the low rig to facilitate tacking without getting clobbered, but I am not set on that idea. Given all that I am thinking a spritsail. Maybe one from an Optimist. Can anyone point to a rig or info that would help with the fore and aft placement of the mast step and leeboard. I am thinking of a leeboard that clips over the gunwale at least to start with and probably using the paddle and weight shifting to steer in lieu of a rudder. I guess I could start out using the paddle as a leeboard to get a feel for leeboard placement
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