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  1. Brief update Sail and hardware arrived today from the USA, however I am still waiting on the timber for the gunwales and transom stiffener, etc. I ordered these locally in Australia at the same time. Australia tends to go on 'holiday' from Xmas till mid January. Annoying because I am a couple of hours away from being ready to go 3D. Revision on projected weight after building some larger panels (seat panels and transom). It will most likely be slightly over weight but under the weight of a hoop pine version. Hoop pine is the local marine ply. Gabbon /Oakhume is available here as an im
  2. Inspired by Sailing Florence (youtube) and William (https://messing-about.com/forums/profile/2082-william/ ) I have started a build of a Spindrift 9N using the local equivalent of 6 mm nida core. I refer to it as nida core but I suspect it is somewhat different. From the marketing blurb "The core has 3 orientations vs the 2 orientations common with other honeycomb panels," Unlike others who have taken this approach I am not planning on using any carbon. I plan to use 2 layers of 200g/m basalt trill for the exterior hull and a single layer 300g/m biaxial for the interior. 300g/m is
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