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  1. Thanks all for this good advice. This is my first SOF, but I have built a stripper canoe where I quickly realized that there is no single thing that will get you light weight - gotta look for ounces wherever you can find them to save pounds overall. Hence my question. But I like andy000's point that once you reach a manageable weight there is no real reason to keep looking for more reductions. With my frame now at about 21-22 pounds excluding coaming, I think I can keep the whole thing to under 35 pounds after skinning, which will be fine by me. Thanks again
  2. About to start skinning a 16 foot fuselage frame, touring style kayak, primarily for light duty overnight tripping. Trying a few things to keep the weight down while ensuring respectable durability, and was thinking that I might shave a couple of pounds off by using a heavier fabric only on the bottom up to the gunnel (e.g. 9 ounce poly or 12 ounce nylon), and a light fabric (3 ounce Dacron) for the deck, where presumably there wouldn't be much stress/abrasion risk. Would staple both top and bottom halves along the gunnel and cover with a lightweight rub strip. Anyone done this? Any reason why it would be a bad idea from a structural (or other) point of view? Thanks all
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