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  1. Apologies. I thought it was covered in "More Fuselage Frame Boats." I thought I had seen threads started on it in this part of the forum as well. And the Kudzu site. Thanks for correcting me. I'll float on over to the B&B forum.
  2. Has anyone built a Flyfisher? I see a lot of discussion about possibly doing it, but no pictures. Any guess on the weight of a completed one?
  3. I'm needing a lighter boat. The 17' Alumacraft is to long and too heavy. Stability is sufficient, however. I'd like to go quite a bit shorter, but I'll have to get wider to haul my big frame and my gear. Thanks for your time. I was kind of thinking the same thing about the stringers and floor. Maybe even some rub ribs on the outside of the bottom stringers. You're right on the paddling as well. Sculled an aluminum boat when I was younger. Paddling on open water stunk, but you were able to get in some tight places when the wind wasn't blowing. Worse than anything however was the noise. Which Horton book would cover something close to what I'm talking about? Your website and youtube videos routed me here. I was worried about durability until I saw your video.
  4. Maybe not the best place to put this, but here goes... I would like a lightweight Jon Boat for still waters. Somewhat low brow, I realize, but the shallow draft and stability appeals to me. I don't see many flat bottoms made with this method of construction. Is it going to work? I'm about 6'6" and would like to have a 10' OR 12' boat or so to go sculling on smaller lakes with my boys. Maybe even add a trolling motor at some point.
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