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  1. CS17 vs Catbird 16

    Here is the section of the Catbird 16. Sorry about that...
  2. CS17 vs Catbird 16

    Thank you for the feedback. It's really hard to make a quick commitment to the big amount time and materials it takes to build a boat. I am always looking for the easy way. Interesting point about local conditions. After WW II, there were absolutely no sailboats in my region. The very first ones were literally plundered from the Germans in the West, In the famous post war film "Knife in the Water" (https://youtu.be/nmcubgR4c6s) the sailboat originally belonged to Joseph Geobbels, the Nazi's propaganda minister. So we don't have much of a sailing tradition. As far as I can tell, I was the first to use a leg-o-mutton sail here and it always created a lot of comments (not to mention an unstayed mast!!!). I was hoping to take care of reefing the sails by using a third mast position and a single sail, like the Gypsy.
  3. After building and enjoying Bolger's Teal and Gypsy, (which both have an ultra-simple leg-o-mutton) I would like to move on to something a little more substantial. I realize that the Catbird is a very traditional design, but it looks like it's easier to build. I live in Eastern Europe and the boat will probably be mostly used on large lakes that can easily develop a 2-3 foot chop. I would also like ability to take the boat down to Croatia for some coastal cruising. Advice would be very welcome. I'mm 55 so there is not too much time for trial and error.

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