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  1. Out sailing this past weekend. Good wind. Got stuck in Irons and had a devil of a time getting out. Any hints on getting out of Irons with the cat/ketch rig? Thanks
  2. Thanks all for the good advise. I used it all yesterday when I sailed the boat. The winds where I sail were a steady 10-12 mph with gusts higher. I reefed. The boat handled well. Quick and fast even with a reef. I'm very happy. The heaving to advise was great. I did it several times to collect thoughts or fix and adjust something. I found that I played much more with the main than I did with the mizzen. I basically just set the mizzen and did not mess with it unless a large gust hit the boat. This was probably wrong but I will figure it out. I will be off to the MASCF in St. Michaels MD next w
  3. I am just about ready to launch my newly built Core Sound 17. That places me at the next step....sailing the boat. I have never sailed a cat/ketch rig in the past and need all the help I can get. Listed are just some questions I have. 1. Which sail do I raise first when starting out? 2. Which sail do I lower first when sailing is over? 3. When overpowered by the wind I should let out the main first...correct? 4. Where should I be positioned when sailing single handed? 5. All my sailing will be single handed. Any advise for me on this subject? 6. Position of centerboard? How far dow
  4. Graham: Thanks for the reply. I agree that any extra weight in a mast when you are stepping same will add to the burden. I also agree that the shipping may have to be done by freight carrier (as was your kit), and this will add to the cost. You ask what is not to like about the 3 part mast? Well I have not built one yet but everything I have read tells me that it is a pain in the butt! From making the bearings (and trying to remove them after they he been made) to possibly having to bore the pipe for the pieces to fit seem like a big problem. A problem that could be handled by a one piece ma
  5. Concerning masts for the CS 17. If I wanted to use ONE piece of aluminium for the masts (not 3 as the plans call for) the following questions come to mind. 1. Would this be a problem? 2. What aluminium thickness should I use? 3. Any problem because the mast would not be taperd to the top? It seems to me that it would be easier to construct instead of making it a 3 parter. I plan to use the sail track for the sails so I would not be taking the masts apart anyway. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Frank
  6. Peter: Thanks for your help. I have never used the architectural scale before. I picked one up and figured how to read it. Works great. What will they think of next. Still trying to decide how I will do the mast rake but if I look at it long enough it will come to me. Thanks again. Frank
  7. I am currently building a Core Sound 17 and have a few questions concerning the mast step and centerboard trunk. If anyone could offer advice it would be greatly appreciated. Mast step 1. I am unsure how far down from the prowl of the boat to place the mast step. If someone could give me a total # of inches from say a straight edge laid across the the inwales it would be of great help. 2. The forward mast must be set at a 3 degree rake to the stern of the boat. How do I accomplish this. Should the mast step be put on a slight angle? If so how do I determine 3 degrees? Or should I place t
  8. I am interested in building a CS 17. I have heard through this site that there is a kit available. I have been unable to obtain information about the kit. Could someone advise on the cost of the kit and what exactly in included? Also if there is a certain site to look at please advise. Thanks very much.
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