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  1. Ocracoke 20B Build

    I received my plans over the holidays after a couple of days studying them I was off to gather a few materials for the frames. I have begin the process of transferring the drawings to the plywood using carbon paper which works great. I hope to be posting pictures by the end of next week of my progress .
  2. Ocracoke 20B Build

    Well the decision has been made I ordered the plans for the Ocracoke 20B Friday Dec 16. It was a pleasure talking with Alan prior to my order. I will be posting pictures throughout the build so stay tuned.
  3. Decision

    I have built couple of boats in my past and now I'm trying decide my next new project . I am torn between the Orcacoke 20B & the Ocracoke 24. The proposed boat will be used for a inshore charter boat in the Mobile Alabama Bay which can be pretty nasty at times. Suggestions and comments please .

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