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  1. Plugs and bungs are great when you have thick wood, but I'm working with stuff that is 1/2" thick. Not sure if they will work, which is why I asked about fillers.
  2. I want to cover up some shallow countersinking for flathead screws. What filler should I use that looks like wood and will stay flexible and resist exposure?
  3. Is just plain teak oil enough? I've been told that you shouldn't oil the outer parts of he frame as it will stain the skin. Is this true?
  4. I'm not a woodworker and can't imagine how you could accurately cut a stringer so it will lay flat and fair on the bow stem's side. I'm building a skin-on-frame canoe with two "bows." I could probably fudge getting a stringer secured to, let's say, the stern. But that leaves no margin for error when trying to secure it flush to the bow. Are there videos or photos showing how this is done?
  5. I'm a potential builder, but would like to see a finished boat before starting the project. Anybody on Long Island or around New York city who wants to share their experience and show off their boat? Thanks, Dave
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