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  1. Hello all. You have a chief of amateurs writing here... i.e. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to boats. So we just got a new toy (pneumatic nailer) and I was wondering what would happen/go wrong if I used it in boat building. I had always heard that the screws/nails/staples were there just to hold the wood in place until the glue dries. Is this true? Would I need spiffy brads or staples for boat building? Shouldn't boats have stainless steel or copper screws? Why if we're just going to epoxy over them? I know, lotsa questions, sorry. :-\ What do ya think? Thanks. -Kelley
  2. Hello, new user here. Are you aware of something I am not ???... in other words, do you know where I can get Super Skipjack plans? I have been checking their site regularly and haven't seen them yet. I know there are a ton of people who want to build it, I'm one of them! And it would be really cool if the plans were downloadable. I don't even know it that's a good idea, but it seems like it would be.
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