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  1. Thanks, that is exactly what I needed.... I see that you designed a 14 footer for another forum member... Is that something you would sell more plans for??? If you even still have them...
  2. Yeah, I love the lines of these boats, and I think I could get one floating without too much money or time. That way, if I find I should not be building boats, I am not out too much... I am kind of a wood butcher...
  3. I am going to try wet towels and clamps first, and if that doesn't work, I might try a steam box.... If all else fails, I might just screw it down to another piece of ply, and edge band it in oak so I just have a REALLY sturdy base....
  4. "Is there a more specific weight limit than that??? Seems kind of vague.. " Sounds pretty exact to me... ;D Let me be more specific then.... What is the displacement at the designed water line on the Moccasin 2? What is sinkage?..... Already answered... 125# What is maximum displacement? I realise that people come in different sizes... My example proves it... That is why I questioned the use of "2 adults" as you explanation of compacity..... The point I was making is that My wife and her twin(if she had one) is a whole different weight class than me and my twin(which I DO have..) Both would be two adults.... If the DWL on the boat is somewhere between 250 and 300, then I am in the ballpark... I love the look of your boats, and would really like to build one as my first foray into boat building.... P.S. I hope I am using all the right terms.... I have mostly done the nautical version of "Bench Racing" up till now... But being a big dude, I have to worry about sinkage and sinking
  5. I have plans for the Skipjack, and have had the same idea... I plan on using ply for the sides, but half the thicknes called for, then adding "fake strakes" to the side to give it a more "salty" look... I worry about just using strakes because so much of the hull rigidity depends on the strength of the side pannels...But heck, it is such a small boat, I might just have to build several to see what works.. In the bay I sail in, if it sinks, I can still walk home... ;D (Morro Bay)
  6. Ok, I am looking to build either a Birder 2 or a Moccasin 2. On the website, compacity for both boats is listed as "2 adults" Is there a more specific weight limit than that??? seems to me to be kind of vague. My wife is an adult, and weighs about 130lbs, so two of her would be 260lbs.... I weigh in at 285lbs, so two of me would be 570 lbs ... Would either of these boats be OK as a single for a 285 man???
  7. Thanks for all of the replies.... I am just trying to straighten a slightly warped panel, so severe radiuses are not a problem.... I will definitely use the cussing idea though... ;D There is only about 1/8inch of bow over a 27inch piece of ply, but it is enough to keep the door from working... I am making a jig to put pressure where I need it, and I think I will try the wet towel thing first... Sorry about the crappy picture, but it gives an idea of what I am working with..
  8. You weren't by any chance bending plywood between flights?????? 8)
  9. Thanks... I am prety sure that Gerstner uses hide glue to assemble the box, that is why it came apart so easily... It has been stored for the past few years in a very moist place... The pannel is actual ply, I can see all 7 layers.. Whatever glue they were using in about 1975 is what I have... I wil give the soaking a try, if it doesn't work, I will just cut a new board... After all, it is just a tool box... And, I have two more similar bases, and three top boxes, so I will not be hurting for tool storage
  10. Can you steam bend plywood?? I haven't actually started building a boat yet, but I have a "moaning chair" and a nice tool box to put my boatbuilding tools in... I have an old Gerstner tool chest that I want to fix up, and the bottom piece is warped so that the front cover does not close... All of the joints on the box were loose, and I was able to disassemble it quite easily.... I don't want to just replace the pannel since this is where all of the manufacture markings are... Will plywood even respond to being steamed??? Here is a shot of the box before I litterally pulled it apart...
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