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  1. Thank you for the reply, Soundboats. The Curlew I'm interested in at the moment is the 15' Kudzucraft kayak. I've thought about substituting 1/2" A/C plywood for the frames. Would you glass each individual frame?
  2. I'm a 60 something 5'11", 235lb man living on the west Florida panhandle coast. I have lots of bayous, creeks and bays to explore, but am tired of the plastic boat scene. I've been looking at the Curlew and am wondering if any of you experienced salts might impart some wisdom. I do not have a shop to work in and have access to only dimensional lumber. I can special order marine grade plywood (how silly is it that living on the coast, I have to "special order" marine grade plywood?), but have no way to thickness plane or rip stringers and gunwales; scarfing for length is no problem. Being a bit thick (out of shape,) I am considering using 1"x2"s (3/4"x1-1/2") cedar for the stringers and gunwales and raising the height of the foredeck about an inch along with adding a small peak to the after deck. I've built S&G boats in the past, so am not entirely new to boatbuilding, just new to fuselage type SOF. Any insights or recommendations?
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