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  1. Star... uhm now I like that name a lot. Wish you had spoken up before I launched her. Maybe I will relaunch her?
  2. Here is some completed pix, if I don't compare her to any of the other boats on the list I think she is great... just don't look to closely at her chins, there was no fairing compond used, lots of finish mistakes... oh and construction mistakes... but still I think she will make a great little work boat.
  3. I like coming and going too! A friend said well the new dinghy will be stowed on the bow of Tranquility so how about Inner Piece, with inner on the front half that fits in the rear Piece of the S11N? I should have her launced by tomorrow and will update photo's. I think I will know when I sit in her and row a bit or motor. I've painted her all white so I may be back to "Swan" the last dinghy an 8 foot squarish thing with wheels was called "Duck". Have a great day fellows and thanks for the input.
  4. I really like "Whoops" but it was more like AHhh S#$t! I'll think about Whoops
  5. Well I have to have my baby done by Sunday! The 3 bedroom beach unit that I have taken over is getting rented out for a kings ransom. Unfortunately I don't share in that ransom :cry: but how many people do you know that get a spare bedroom to build S11N that over looks the beach! I have everything completed I set out to get done except for the seats. I have the stringers partially in... but thats it. Will try and finish them at summers end. I can sit on a cushion until then. To make her unsinkable I will tie some fenders on her. I just finished glassing the outside of her. Not glassing the inside. Tomorrow I start painting. I'm using a simple white urethane one part epoxy. I know that cheap stuff but it's what I have. I've resigned myself to her just being a good utility skiff, with the option of making her sail later. So here are the names I can't decide on Swan-son =because she is all white like a swan or at 20 foot away she looks glamorous The Teresa = after a friends mom who is dying of lung cancer, nice thought but I think the boat would make me a little sad. Mini Titanic = friends who were here visiting have named her this and after the assembling the pieces wrong and having to dart in filler pieces I was almost sunk. Molly Brown - she was a socialite on the titanic and was referred to as the unsinkable Molly Brown. I'm leaning towards Molly Brown unless someone suggests something else.
  6. I read a book about a guy who had a nesting dinghy... but it came apart in three sections and was 12 foot in length. It wasn't a sailer, it was for rowing and outboard. It was the plans that I was searching for when I found B&B I can't remeber the book but it was written by a guy who worked for one of the early sail magazines and sailed a Tartan 30, had a kid with partial custody and lived aboard. I think the book is on my boat... and I'm on shore. :roll: I'll try and find the book and the name of the tender. I personally think the that the spindrit would look really sexy in 3 sections and about 13 foot long.
  7. At least now I have a clue to what to try and find. I have a membership in a marine cooperative and for them to get me anything I have to know what I am asking for. Also the hardware store next door has limited stuff. I'm at the end of the cape, so anything not really standard is pretty much an ups order. Thanks Matthew
  8. I was wondering if anyone could recommend the lightest and cheapest fiberglass cloth or rove that I can get by with using epoxy... I just need to make sure that the fir doesn't check. Really want to keep cost and weight down. Any tips, tricks or thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I almost have the interior all taped and ready to ad the knees, then the keel. I bet if I wasn't working on the floor this would go much better.
  9. I would really like to have the bow forward bulk head completed with the mast color in place for future sailing options, the painter ring installed, and the knees put in also would like to have the entire inside of the hull completed with epoxy. Can paint and get it situated just right later. Can even glass it outside later. I just finished putting on the first layer of gunwale trim. putting on the second and third tomorrow. But you know what really burns me up. cleaning up with viniger after I've cut up my hands with all that wire fastening. yeap that burns. Good night all and thanks again for all the great feed back and support.
  10. It became very obvious that I didn't use 3/16, it was more like 3 7/8. I was trying to figure out how in the heck I made that cut... because I remember drawing it out like is whats on the plan. But now I remember that there was a perfect arch mar on the plywood that looked like a pencil line. I think in the height of cutting I followed that instead of the pencil line. Ok so I didn't take the whole thing apart and measure. I just figured out where center was. Measured up 20 7/8 on the bottom sheet on each side from where the center keel point would be and made a mark, brought the sides into that mark and wired. Wired in the transom to the sides and then the bottom and I'm left with a whole lot that needs to be darted in. After I get the gunwalls glued in I will cut custom darts for each side and epoxy and tape it all in on both sides. Once the epoxy is filleted on the inside I will flip over and remove the excessive wings on the aft. I really think that in 10 days I can have it to the point where I can paint the outer hull outside. I can leave her upside down in the sand until I can deal with the inner hull fittings, or stick her under the neighbors beach house. I just need to be done and out of that room in 10 - 14 days. Graham Thanks for getting back to the list so fast, I appreciate it. All of you helped me just move forward in a solution instead of just giving up. Ray, yes it's Fir and wish I had known about the Hydrotech, would have used that to save from having to glass the fir. Ughh. The fir was about 40ish a sheet.
  11. Grahm asked "did you add the keel measurements to the chine measurements?" I thought I measred up from the straight edge of the plywood but It looks obvious that I didn't. I'm going to take the whole thing apart, and using a straight edge re-measure everything.
  12. I see in your photos that you wired loosly, means that there is an inch or more. My loosly was about 1/2" also Graham is right I inverted the measurements. I'll try to pull things together a bit and see if I can correct this without scraping the project and starting over. I don't have time for that. I have to be out of the location I am in another 10 days. I'm hoping that the nesting bulk head is correct because I don't have anymore wood.
  13. OK I will recheck it I will try to find a square to put on it.
  14. Thanks Jetstream I'll start working on her again after noon time, I'll put more stitches in the keel line and also try some zip ties. I'm already using 16 guage wire, it isn't breaking but pulling through the holes... thats why I had to cut the aft keel line, to take preasure off to get the forward and middle bulk head in place. Yes she is FIR and I bet fir is more rigid than Okaume. Knowing this I may have tried harder to get Okaume... Matthew
  15. No, No One told me they don't snap together... I'm sure someone on this list said something like, "Oh yeah, basically you just velcro it together and use a bit of glue, then go out for crumpets." OK OK that isn't what they said. I'm going to try and use some zip ties, and blocks of wood and screws to stitch the keel together. It's really hard to get in there and wire because I can't actually be in the boat while wiring it together. Last night I almost took it apart, thinking I had measured things wrong. I'm glad to hear that it takes a lot of elbow grease to get it together, because that's what it's taking. However I am really in love with the bow line and the sheer of her. But it seems like the Transom is pretty high off the ground when she is balanced on her middle. Also I'm using Fir so if anyone has ideas about Fir let me know. It might be less pliable than other marine plywood and do I need to use glass weave over the entire boat to keep her from checking? Or will epoxying the entire boat solve that? Thanks Piper, just hearing from someone else who has done this has already made a big difference. Matthew
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