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    Starting my new project: Bertram 25 to hand off eventually tor my young son... second project... first was the 13' whaler which was for my daughter. stinks to be the first born... she got the smaller project! So, I have a Bertram 25 hull that I purchased from a man who did a fine job of prepping this hull to for a center console rebuild (coosa transom bump-out coring, coosa gunnel coring, c 1.5" side "stringer" with upward braces to gunnel, Polyumac coaming off the gunnel. I'm planning to follow through with the design of a center console but aiming toward under-helm access for head accompanied by possible dual berth. Yes, that may be impossible, but I haven't done a schematic that even resembles practicality, but the again I've never accepted that anyway. If not possible, I'll likely consider moving back to a Spartan cabin plan with curved bulkhead aimed at maintaining walkaround capability while offering full length berths. Regarding power, I am rather certain I am going against the traditionalists and planning a bracket with dual 175s or >. I don't mind designing properly from the start to achieve fewer moving parts in the end. Also, in regard to superstructure, this will be a full fiberglass hard top. So, my question... if you were to design a boat of this nature, what are your immediate and long term design thoughts, or any thoughts? Broad question, right... but that's where I am. I plan about 3 months of "thinking man" pose before I take action, although I will be killing ducks part of that time, so I'll come up from the knee part of the time. Thanks in advance for your help. BFifer
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