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  1. Thanks Guys! I kinda figured that was the deal but I just had to check to make sure.I think I will go with my original long-term plan and start to buy my materials a little at a time to spread the cost out. Now I just have to figure out were to store 4X8 sheets. I assume laying flat is better that on edge.How susceptible to temperature changes is marine grade plywood? Can you store it outside if it is tarped? Steve
  2. Hello, I have been thinking about building my own boat for a while now. I haven't settled on a design yet, but the first one will be smallish with an old-timey look to it (gaffs and bow sprits!). This is a long term kinda thing, I wasn't even considering gathering materials yet but then I saw an ad for marine grade ply at Menard's: www.menards.com/main/building-materials/panel-products/construction-panels/sanded-plywood/c-13332.htm?criteria1_facet=AB+Marine Considering all I have read about the cost of Marine grade, is this just a pipe dream? Does anyone have experience with Product? http://www.menards.com/main/store/20090519001/items/media/BuildingMaterials/rsbrgforest/Prod_Tech_Spec/ROS_ABMarine_PIB061412.pdf If this is the real deal, I guess its go time. But part of me thinks it time to call shenanigans. Thanks, Steve
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