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  1. I really like the color combination of Jeff's Stonefly on the Kudzu Craft website, the stained wood with the antique white skin looks great. I have quite a bit of mahogany stain leftover from some refinish work i did last year on my Chris Craft, I was planning on tinting the linseed oil with a bit of the mahogany stain and painting the skin with Rustoleum since its readily available in my area.
  2. It's been some time now, but I'm now finished with the framework. I'm getting ready to "oil" the frame and I'm looking for some advice as to what product to use, stain, tung oil, thinned varnish, etc
  3. Almost ready for the famous FROG pic
  4. Can't wait to follow your progress. I have a 3 and an 8 year old and have thought about a Tadpole as a project in the near future
  5. Looks great. I'm curious how you skinned your kayak, I don't see a seam down the middle
  6. Funny, I was also thinking about everything that could be lashed. I thought a railing around my deck that was lashed together would look really neat. My wife, I'm sure, would think otherwise:)
  7. Lashing complete. I must say, I was not exactly looking forward to this process, but I ended up really enjoying it
  8. Frames temporarily in place. Waiting for the glue on the stringer scarf joints to dry
  9. Frames cut out of Baltic Birch plywood and ready for assembly
  10. I have all the frames cut out and I'm ready to start assembly. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but I can't find anything that states the proper location of the bow and stern pieces. Is there a specific distance the stern should from frame 2' 0" and the bow from frame 12' 3"? Thanks
  11. Just finished building my strongback and getting ready to start cutting frames.
  12. Hello, I'm new to the forum and just finished reading both of Jeff's books and I'm now ready to start building. I would like to build a canoe as I already own a kayak (Tupperware type). I'm considering either the Stonefly or Crawfish. I've been able to find many pictures of the Stonefly but couldn't find much on the Crawfish. Can anyone provide some pictures of the Crawfish. I would be interested in both construction and the completed boat Thanks William
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