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    ...to clear the autodelete. Still here, building VOLKSKAYAKs and paddling...may do a strip canoe witha friend this winter, and then do a strip deck for one of the VKs...
  2. They're endlessly useful - great for scrubbing off grease and dirt, and perfect for very fine, scratch-free sanding. The actual ScotchBrite pads work far better than the cheaper more 'plastic' onews.
  3. I use a roller sleeve specifically designed for epoxy and other resins - it's a very short-nibbed, nylon bristle roller called a FIBERTEX (or FIRBETEK) - comes in regular roller size. but can be easily hacksawed to fit any roller. While I use it as a one-shot, it can be held in acetone between coats if you can stand having acetone around. It doesn't shed anything, soak up resin, or tend to lift things, and I think the short bristles help lay glass tape by penetrating the tape's weave. Manufacted by PINTAR, costs about $4 per sleeve here (Newfoundland.)
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