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  1. Hi Hirilonde, I agree - time to discuss with Graham, but I think your suggestion is the answer ie build a boat with the side seats/buoyancy tanks which also has the 2 central bulkheads and can be dissected later if needs be. Ive got a birthday coming up soon, so the plans could be the perfect gift to myself - I deserve it!
  2. Garry, I think you have found the answer Thats whats so amazing about this website - Post a question, go off to sleep and when you wake up the next morning, great minds have been at work and theres your answer Youre quite right, the two halves dont have to nest inside each other, its only for storage, and possibly also to be able to handle the boat by myself . Its sounding to me like I should take the plunge and build the 12S, and use it for a while before deciding if I really really need it to be in two pieces. I guess it could be cut in half later and the two centre bulkheads added? Scary but possible? Maybe it wont even be necessary if I can figure the storage aspect out. For interest, here's my little "home away from home", 32°19'5.02"S 18°19'49.21"E . You can probably see from streetview, why the dinghy needs to be easily carried - have to get it up those stairs - at least until I close in the downstairs . The bay to the north is perfect for sailing when the sea is flat, and theres a long estuary to the east - about 12km (8miles long). Very little sailing happens here, so I would have it all to myself! Once I get braver, some coastal trips should be possible too. Thanks to all guys for your input, really appreciated.
  3. Thanks guys for the responses! My theory at this stage is to "dip my toe in the water" so to speak - if the rest of the family takes to daysailing I would definitely move up to something larger like the CS17-what a fantastic looking boat! If it ends up being me on my lonesome then something smaller and more manageable like the Spindrift may still fit the bill. I guess also the Spindrift is also quicker/cheaper to build so thats why Ive kind of decided it would be the best bet as a 1st boat to cut my teeth on. The main reason for wanting the nesting version is that it would live at my holiday house up the west coast of RSA, which has no fence or garage so if its non-nesting it would have to stand outside. The nesting version could easily live indoors while we are not there, and I could manhandle the two halves down to the water for a sail on my own if need be. Hirilonde, your points regarding the "downside" of the nesting option are appreciated. I reckon if I can sort out the storage security issue, then I will definitely go for the un-nested version which by the sound of it will be a better sailer. Then I would have to get a cover and a small trailer which is no big deal, or make-up the clever system which Ive seen on this site for single-handedly getting the boat up on car roofracks. Either way, Im dead keen on the S12. Im sure when I study the plans, I can figure out the feasibility (or not) of making the nesting version. The kids have already been strong-armed into saying they will "help" with the build, so thats a good start. Just need to convince the wife that I must commandeer part of the lounge for a couple of months for the build....shouldnt be too hard One strategy (which I will try and follow) seems to be to manufacture all the "bits" first and go 3D as late as possible. If I do it that way, and really put in some effort once the boat is 3D, I should be able to minimise the lounge disruption factor, which will be good for all concerned. The time for procrastination will have to come to an end shortly and I will have to take the plunge!
  4. I havent been able to find any photos of the 12S on the net so am not sure what the hull & rigging looks like, but I am leaning towards the 12S as a 1st build before hopefully moving on to something bigger. The Spindrifts simplicity and good looks really appeal to the engineer in me. My reasoning is as follows: [*]After many years, I would like to get back into sailing, possibly with my kids [*]A relatively simple 1st build would be the way to go [*]The boat should accommodate me (87kg) and my son (built like an ox - about 100kg) [*]I raced a lot in my youth (dont ask how many years ago ), so would like a boat with decent performance [*]Once I get confident enough, I would like to sail it out in the bay. I'm assuming the 12 is the most seaworthy of the Spindrifts My (maybe crazy) question is, is it feasible to build a nesting version of the 12S ie a 12SN? I could probably transport it nested on top of my 6' box trailer and would have to store it inside (no garage) If the 12SN isnt doableI would then have to make the choice between the 12S and the 11N......... Any comment or advice would be appreciated!
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