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  1. Hello , my name is Tom and I am addicted to boats . . . Anybody else in the San Diego area [or other So Cal] that wants to go messing about in boats? Hoping to get together with like minded types. Will be starting a kit soon, just have to pick which one, probably a SCAMP and was thinking it would be easier if 2 of us built 2 boats at the same time and probably more fun. We could trade off on which boat is the "how do we do this next step" boat and which boat is the "now that I've done this before, it will be easy and look great" boat. And when we need some salt air, my Tiara is wonderful fish and cruise platform. You can email me tjm172 at aol.com [yep I still have an aol email, I am almost 50, LOL]
  2. Looking at getting a kit for the winter project and was wondering if there was a rating for future racing.
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