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  1. Thanks Guys! This will give me plenty to look into, I will also reconsider the daggerboard criteria.
  2. Hello out there! So I recently completed a cedar strip canoe last year and can't wait to start on a sailboat next. I can't say that I have much experience sailing or knowledge of sailboat design. I had a sailing lesson and look forward to doing some sailing. I do have some woodworking experience and the canoe was challenging but manageable level of difficulty. I've been looking around and I see plenty of resources for many different methods but no discussion regarding the sailing advantages/disadvantages to the different methods. From what I can tell the methods are correlated more directly with ease of construction and time. With my previous experience, I would readily consider the challenge of strip planking another hull if there were sailing advantages over a lapstrake or another method. Any thoughts? What are some resources out there related to stripping a small craft hull? I am looking for details regarding planking dimensions, is it neccessary to do two layers of planking? Expoxy and fiberglass inside and outside of hull or can you paint the outside and varnish interior? Thanks!!! Design Criteria: 15' or smaller mono-hull Sails fairly easily, removable daggerboard easily towable, 300# max tongue weight Comfortable for 2 adults to sail for a day, 4 adult max capacity (would comprromise to 3 adult cap.) buildable in a 13'x20' space
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