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  1. I think the link I posted to the fellow suggesting adding 2" is not working. Hopefully this works better: http://www.pinoyboat...opic.php?t=2083 It seems like a nice thoughtful comment he makes and is very clearly written (so anyone interested ought to go have a look). But let me quote a portion from his post: He seems like a cool guy. I was just looking for any experience from this forum. It looks like most here fit into the "use it only for a fun boat" category. How did that saying go? "... Neeever mind ..." Mike
  2. Here is my "due diligence": http://svbreakaway.info/boat-projects.php#nt I suspect there are tradeoffs - a little more windage, ever slightly more weight, a little taller obstruction when stored on deck vs. a little drier ride, maybe more sense of security in sloppy conditions, a little more carrying capacity. Adding 2" doesn't *seem* drastic. If others have tried it (adding a bit ot freeboard) and compared theirs with other Spindrifts, that would be nice to hear.
  3. I know he monitors the forum and I hope he will share his thoughts for the benefit of others as well as myself. BTW, he has been quick and clear in his replies to my couple fairly trivial questions to date. I've started to note his replies on my build page ( http://svbreakaway.info/dinghy-project2.php ) -- well one of them anyway, under the "Here are the costs (so far) ..." > Mast, in case anybody is interested in the recommended mast diameter for the 10N. Let me add the other info I've received from him. But for this one, I was hoping for the opinions of others as well. Maybe a dialog including the designer. Mike
  4. I'm about to start a Spindrift 10N. I want to use if for cruising, so possibly hauling a fair amount of stuff and/or persons. Under what could be sloppy conditions. Mostly motoring with a 4hp Johnson. But also sailing for fun. Some rowing for exercise. I've seen a couple people suggest adding a bit to the freeboard. The post at the bottom of http://www.pinoyboat...0eb2324dd948335 suggests 2". The post at http://www.sailnet.c...478-post10.html suggests 3-4". I was just wondering what other people here think about the freeboard on their Spindrifts? Thanks, Mike
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