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  1. in sailboats for 50 years from St. Lawrence River to Long Island Sound to Carribean to Nantucket sound and buzzards bay to bay side of key largo - 10' to 40'

  2. Hello - in coming up with a mast for this boat given to me, i thought i'd ask here if anyone has photos/plans/specs on the SPINDRIFT 13.3 sailboat - especially the mast details (step, stay/shroud attachment, main halyard hardware at top of mast etc) I can probably wing it with what i have - but the more info the better fair winds to all Mike
  3. thanks - i found a box construction mast layout here (18' as well) http://hartleyts14.blogspot.com/2011/02/spar-making-part-1.html seeing as i have a main that requires this kind of slot i think i'll go with this. Mike
  4. Thanks and WOW. sounds fairly feasible. Gotta say i wasn't looking forward to trying to fit someother mast to this boat. ini will look for the birdsmouth mast doc here. i have a powermatic 64 tablesaw, bandsaw, lotsa tools, and a fair amount of woodworking training/ amateur experience. So YOU (being a PRO of course) make it sound fairly easy, but i will dig in. That mast on the lightning was always a nice touch - dont see enough wood in boats these days. GREATLY appreciated!!!!! Mike
  5. Currently in South Miami area - LOVE the site name!!! been sailing since i was 8, skippering lightnings to ravens to caravel 23' to Erickson 27' and even a Beneteau 41(?) between St. Lucia and Grenada - and the sporadic flings on Hobie cats and sunfish. I've been given a Spindrift 13 without a mast - but all the rigging. So likely i will have to either fit an exiting (hobie?) mast onto it, or order one custom - (not likely) or make my own - i am not without plenty of woodworking experience and tools/equipment - but NO experience in this area. So hello! and . . . Where should i post this issue? maintenance or woodworking or design? Thanks in Advance. Mike
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