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  1. I thought about the same.. Graham had no problem with it.. Simply merge the Merissa's top with the OB's hull..
  2. I don't think it has to be completely ugly without the "house".. Here is an inspiration I found today.. http://roeboats.com/boats-2/motorboats/22ninigret/ The day I took off the windshield off my 1959 17' Lyman was the best boat ride I had with that boat.. Incidentally it never went back on.. Another thing I'm looking for is the ability to grab the dock when solo boating.. With the house you would have to run around or have an assistant..
  3. I absolutely love the Outer Banks hull but want something without such a confining cabin.. Thinking of building it as a Lake Powell Utah Cruiser and would like the open air in our faces but also want some shade..
  4. I'm loving the lines on the OB20.. Please post photos as you build..
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