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  1. I'm posting more pictures of a recent outing that we had in Bonita Bay on the back side of Tyndall AFB in Panama City Florida. These pictures will be in my gallery (Patrick Briley). We did the two hour trip south again from Dothan Alabama and let in early and spent about 8 hours on the water. Wind was good as a storm was in the area and calmed down to a lite breeze after it passed through. We went past the papermill and saw one of their ocean going vessels. Toured the back bay area taking pictures, stopped into a small marina where 1st Mate commandeered my cash and disappeared into a CITGO gas station. 30 minutes latter...(I thought we had tied up to the mall as she was still missing) she appears with 2 "Steaming Hot" Philly Cheese Sandwiches, fries and two large cold drinks, said something to the fact that she had to force the girls inside to fire up the grill to make them and that's what took so long! Promotion Ceremony was conducted IMMEDIATELY!!! :salute: (as she held our lunch in her hands standing on the dock) something quick, but with meaning was said... Promoted to "Master Of Galley" (with all it's honors bestowed there in...probably more galley duty) Please visit my gallery to see the rest of the photos. [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
  2. Loaded up the family on Saturday the 16th of Aug 2003 and headed 2 hours south to Tyndall AFB in Panama City, Florida. Hit the Base Marina (behind the housing area where we use to live 6years ago) at about 3p.m. Had our boat in the water and motoring out of the marina by 3:30p.m. No problems getting out into the middle of the bay, as it's about 1.5 miles across to Crooked Island (which is the barrier Island that runs parallel to the coast). So technically we're still in protected waters right....Not! Wind is coming directly off the Gulf of Mexico over the top of the 1/4 mile wide breaker island... Point the bow into the wind, hoist the Jib, hoist the Main, tack off to leeward and sailing becomes a new experience. This ain
  3. "Empire Buider & Prattville" havn't been the same since you and your family made their trek to the West coast. Great to hear from you again, last we heard, you were still in Washington State, Diane trys to keep touch with folks via email every now and then.... Send me an email, it's in my members profile and we'll chat.... Rick,
  4. Thanks to everyone for the warm "Welcome Aboard".... It's great to be back, (please continue to remember our other brothers and sisters in all the services that are still serving abroad). Yes, please call me Rick, MSGT is much too stuffy :salute: I figured I've been looking at everyone else's pictures for the last year, so I needed to post some "eye candy" as a "Thanks" for theirs... Frank, in reference to the question you asked as stated: "I do have one question, though. How did you get your First Mate to stand in the corner like that? I'll have to show that one to my wife .... " Two simple rules needed here in order to get this accomplished: 1. Catch them with their makeup off. 2. Tell them that you have your camera... and your not afraid to use it. This is where they usually run and hide on you, I never told her to stand in the corner....honest ladies! Guard these rules closely and never let them know... or it won't work. 8) Stuart , As far as the colors go: plan was, I build and she decorates. Pretty risky business proposition, as the color schemes have changed numerous times after each application. I like to think of it as, a heavy primer(s) coating prior to final selection... Tope I believe is what it is called not green as I've been told :? I didn't mean that I had built other boats as much as I had built wooden furniture and other office and studio furniture in Hobby Shops that we have on our Air Force Bases. Corner hutches, china cabinets, etc... I did start on a restoral project as a senior in High School back in 1982. My neighbor had a sailboat in his field that he gave to me and I started cleaning it up and restoring it but then joined the service and it was never finished. Sad but true, I believe it went up in smoke (mother had it broken up and burned) Craig, I was stationed at Tyndall AFB in Panama City Florida for 3 years (97-00) and was selected as a non volunteer (by the Air Force) to come up to Dothan Alabama 90 miles north of where I was, and to be on Special Duty as an Active Duty Air Force Advisor to the Air National Guard. Great opportunity, been here 2 & 1/2 years on a 4 year controlled tour. Great little family town! Yes prop jocks can be sailors as well!!! Yes I'd like to visit you there in Fort Walton Beach, I work out of the Hurlburt Field Special Operations Headquarters Building and usually come down and visit once a quarter. I have checked out the local ramps in the Ft Walton, Destin area, but would like to see the Eglin boat launch as well. I'll let you know when we plan to get it salted down... we're still fresh watering it up here in Dothan.
  5. I'm Active Duty Air Force (MSGT, 22years Time In Service) stationed here in Dothan, Alabama. I currently work as a Technical Advisor to a Combat Communication Air National Guard unit for HQAFSOC (Headquarters Air Force Special Operations Command) out of Hurlburt Field Florida. Just recently returned home from Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom
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