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CS17MkIII Hull 25: Spoonbill

R Johnson

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Looking at some photos of another person’s boat build made me think of all kinds of little details that I might do differently if repeating my work, especially on the same project.  The differences might make things flow more effectively and produce a better end result.  A repeated build could be very satisfying, I am thinking.  I am hoping that is the case for your upcoming CS17m3 project, Spoonbill.  

Please know that I REALLY enjoy having your previous build, Avocet, in my life and in my family’s life.  Even while my boats are in winter storage I find myself thinking  about them frequently. 


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Not many things would be different if I built Skeena again. I like the offset anchor mount that others have done and may change mine at some point. The gear shelves now in the kits are awesome and I'm adding some. But most everything else has already been through an iteration. I love that these boats can be changed at any time. 

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Hello to all. This has been a very warm re-welcome, so thank you very much!  The boat will be Pink.  There are a lot of things I hope to do better on this boat.  But what I find is that I can often conceive of an idea but just can't make it come out right.   I'll do my best.  I'm building a second boat because my wife and I found that we really miss Avocet.  We felt very comfortable in the boat; we could relax.   Most of our boats have had bird names.  The photo below is my daughter.  She works with Spoonbills in the Everglades.  She said I could use the photo as long as I stated that she works for Audubon and has all the appropriate clearances and licenses to be holding the bird below.  The bird world is sensitive.  This fledgling had fallen from the nest and was dangerously cold.  Probably way more information than you wanted..   Anyway, who wouldn't want a pink boat!


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Another Pink B&B Build
This is the Spindrift 10 I helped my neighbor build when she was in 9th grade. Pink is her favorite color, so her boat is… of course… pink.  

We couldn’t find pink boat paint so we used my red and white Interlux Brightsides from my own boat builds, mixing them to make two shades: the inside pink is “whiter” than the more “robust” pink for the hull’s outside. 

She hoped to obtain a pink sail, but Alan was quite accommodating by getting pink numbers and insignia onto the sail, a first for the B&B shop. 



This is The Weezer with her dad this past summer:

And Richard, my wife is getting to be more and more comfortable with Avocet as I gain more sailing experience.  She is quite fond of my CS15 Norma T that I built from a full kit in 2020 and will even take the controls sometimes. Perhaps more comfort and increased participation will occur next season (in both boats.)


This is a little video my phone produced in August when Don Silsbe and his wife were guests at our home. Don and I did not have much wind available but it was fun to have both boats sailing together. 

BTW, I was playing around with a jib sail someone gave me… attempting to rig it as a staysail. It seemed to provide a small boost. 

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That is a really nice and very pink boat.  Do you remember the ratio of whit to read?  I was thinking of doing the exact same thing, perhaps with a little yellow to give it an orangy hint.   Please tell me what you can.  Once again it is very nice to see all the responses. I haven't even done anything.  Thanks to all. 

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I gave Eloise about 3/4 of a mason jar of white paint, a stirring stick, an open can of red (both Interlux Brightsides… which has worked well for me, always on top of Interlux primer for epoxy), and a spoon, being careful do not let the spoon touch the white paint… she just dumped it in and stirred with the stirring stick. She added and stirred until she got the shade she wanted. Rather subjective.  Then she made the second batch. 

If doing this for a larger boat, I would suggest more care with creating a mix in case several coats or batches are needed.   Perhaps first make a small amount of a desired mix, carefully tracking the amount added to the carefully measured base amount that establishes a suitable ratio and shade.  Eloise did a couple coats and I think she made enough of each shade for the full job (one for the inside; one for the outside.)

My sense is that a little red went a long way with the white in making pink.  It’s harder to lighten red; the red acted like a coloring pigment.  We experimented with very small amounts first.



Looking at the bottom photo one can see the kind of ratio she used in one of her pinks. 

This is page five of her build blog where she starts painting:


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5 hours ago, R Johnson said:

Once again it is very nice to see all the responses. I haven't even done anything. 

It’s my way of dealing with some guilt that I bought Avocet away from you guys. 

I realize my posts can be wordy and a little inane.  I shall try to not hijack your thread. 😁


I do look forward to seeing anything you post about your project. Perhaps when finished we can get our two “birds” together for some “water-flying”.

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Popped on on my Facebook Memory today… a good memory. 

An edit:

This is a similar “2 years ago” photo that just popped up on my phone… while we are getting things ready for the family Thanksgiving dinner… another reason for me to be thankful: a skilled builder made this great CS17.3 available to me and my family.

(In this photo my son and I figured out how to get the sails up for the first time… just before we put things away again and moved Avocet up the street for six months of winter storage.)


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