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Core Sound 17 #55, take 2

Action Tiger

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Hello. My name is Robert, and I recently bought the unfinished bare hull of CS 17 #55, and intend to finish her off.

There will not be much progress at first, as I have the plans to learn back and front, and another boat building right now...

I hope to be able to get after her hot and heavy later this summer, though, and maybe be done before spring.

Well, no real deadline exists except making the 2017 mess.

Thanks to everyone whose thread I've read as inspiration and education, and a special thanks to Graham, who welcomed me to the flock in an email, already.

Very excited to have such an amazing boat and be part of such a cool gang.

Action Tiger is an old bike racing nickname, by the by, and is a pretty fair description of what you get...:)




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C'mon Robert-  the 17 Messabout?  Get going and you can make the '16 one  :P


When it comes time to paint, take a look at the System 3 water based stuff-  it's a little finicky to put on, but it was really nice using water to clean up and thin on my boat, and the lack of the chemical smell sure made me feel better about using it.



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Shhh. There IS a chance. Still, I'd rather bet safe.

The real bad news. I can't get another bus...

Oh, and I certainly plan to two pack paint this sucker. I got over my bright work phase building canoes, so my boat will be plain, to be sure, but I will not skimp. Thanks for,the recommendation.

I intend to give this boat the quality it deserves

How did I Forrest Gump my way here? :)

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Alright. Why wait?

I've read through the plans. Nothing to it, just regular old boat building. Piece of cake, just a little time. My thoughts are I'm glassing another boat right next door, and this boat needs taped on the outside, so I may as well just have a big old goop party.

But... I'm not starting from scratch, and I didn't fallow all the steps to get here, so I might think about soliciting advice before I continue. The boat is filleted and taped inside everywhere, and has a keel batten glued down and filleted in. The central bulkheads and some seat framing were installed at one point, then removed. Hey! Patterns... :)

There are inwales laminated from ply, which I plan to remove and replace with wood, because that's me. Different ship, right? Plus, there is a fair amount of really nice fir, pine, and sequoia around here. Nice to me is 20+ rpi.

My question is: Should I turn and glass the seams outside before I replace the inwales? I'm thinking I should, to make the hull as strong as possible, but I don't know.

Also, if a body were apt to add a little sheathing to the bottom, say just up above the waterline, for when they hit chunks of rock and beach on granite sand beaches, a layer of 6oz should be just fine, eh? 4oz too light, you think? Again, just to help,with abrasion resistance a bit... I do, after all, know the idiot who will be driving this thing. ;)

I will start pumping out pics soon. The tentative plan is to take advantage of a projected weather window Saturday afternoon/evening for the glassing party.

I will hold my breath. :)


Robert, the Tiger suddenly in a room full of rocking chairs...

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"Tiger-Tiger burning bright...."


A "Goop party". I like it. Have fun!


I always like to glass my hulls. I go to the sheer, but the waterline is fine too. I like 10 oz. Little heavier, but a bit more "scuff resistance",  too. And I agree---"Different ships, different long splices." (Do any of you guys know where that little bit of plagiarism comes from?)


Let's have those pics, Big Daddy!

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So.... if it were me, I might do those inwales first just to have any curvature those add to the overall hull "glassed in".  Probably wouldn't make a bit of difference thought....


As far as glassing.... well, I decided I didn't want to worry about running up on the local oyster shells, I mean sandbars, and I glassed with Xynole.  It was a bit of an experiment as I had not used it before.  I also glassed to the sheer, both for protection, and because I didn't want to try and fair a mid panel stop.


I know a few folks have had luck with not/minimal glassing of the hull, but for me I like the extra protection-

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Yeah, I guess I was thinking too much. I'm still fairing other boat, too, in prep for glass, but I wanted to get this hull stabilized, too.

I started digging for stock today. I'm going to get some nice inwales ripped, get them in, then get some tape on the outside. Well, after I fair THOSE seams, too. :)

I'm just going to use one layer of 6oz on the very bottom panels, for when we grind up onto the sand beaches. They are all little jagged granite bits where we sail most.

Daydreaming heavily...

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Bob has a great point- although I had my seat tanks in, I had the boat sitting upside down on the trailer so I could move it around with a couple of 2x's supporting the hull resting on the gunwales-  they got in my way a lot during the glassing and painting-

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You guys gave me a great idea. I will go to seat tank stage, with screwed on tops, then set the boat on the seat tops on sawhorses while inverted.

Boom. Now I've just got to convince myself to start heating and cast cutting this imwale out. Yes, I'm using a power tool. My buddy has one of those new oscillating tools, like a cast cutter, so I'm borrow it this weekend, as the masses call it.

Yes, he probably has a router, too, but I won't borrow that. I'm dangerous enough to myself with hand tools. :)

Oh, and the ripping and scarfing of the stringers has to happen, too.

Funny thing about weekends, they don't mean as much if you don't have a jobby job. ;)

I pretty much abandoned a master checklist, and now just do one day by day. With two real boats now going, the list is so long I get depressed when I look at it. :)

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Yep, ya gotta just think about one job at a time. Small goals. The "big goal" will take care of itself. Those long lists can be discouraging to someone with ADD. I only use a "short list" of main jobs that need to be done in a particular sequence until the end of the project. Then I'll make a list of the last few jobs so I don't forget anything.

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Chick, I have my wife handle the master list. She's very organized. Complimentary partners are what makes partnerships work,


ADD? What's that? Hey, did you see my bike? Look, there's my dog. Squirrel! Oh, my saw needs sharp. Knife, too. Ooh, a raven. Piece of wood! Oh, there's the kayak. Pumpkins! Squirrel.

Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah, did you guys see my knife? Look at these pecans. Squirrel! Is that a gopher hole? Leeboard. Canoe rudder. What's for lunch? Squirrel!

Heh heh. I'm off to work now.

I should also add, for those what don't know, I've had a few emails from Graham. He is THE COOLEST. Period.


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Was standing in the shade out on some road in winsor/healdsburg,ca. this weekend learning how to use tapatalk, while I crewed for my wife who was doing Vineman Ironman triathlon when I ran into the thread that advertised your CS17 for sale.  I have been talking about doing the Watertribe event and thought why not go look at this boat, It's right here in town somewhere.  I don't really want to build a boat for the event but this would be a nice shortcut.  Then I kept reading and realized you had already bought it.  Oh well.  I really don't need another project anyway.


Good luck with the build.

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