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An other OC20 build !!


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Tks everyone guys !


Lenm, I'm using 2k acrylic over epoxy 2k primer , same technique used on Marissa 3 years ago with very good results. 


I will leave the paint to cure properly for about 3 weeks before re-flip the boat for the last time and onto the trailer .

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7 hours ago, Riggs said:

 You have more patience than i 


!!!!!!!!!  Patience is a virtue !!!!!!!!


Will continue sanding and glassing the cabin  and the seating setup in the meantime . These are out of the boat.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Making a mold to construct the windshield on to

Its gonna be formed from an 8 mm acrylic sheet 

It was tricky to wrap the 1/8" ply around those tight corners . I had to sand off one layer of ply ( 1 from 3 plys ) otherwise it kept breaking , than 2 layers of resin and cloth to bring back some stiffness . hope it will work out !





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