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An other OC20 build !!


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Finally started to do some work inside the cabin , seats / bed , storage and 2 steps to enter and exit cabin with 2 cup holders . The step and cup holder unit is removable and accommodate 2 batterers underneath( house and motor ). Don't know if it is the right place for battery position and weight distribution yet ! But think at sturn it is going to be too loaded with main motor , auxiliary motor and possibly a live bait well !






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Cabin setup ready. 


Also changed the acrylic sliding door from white to black and added some black touch ups at the console .

Automatic trim tabs installed as well.


Next step is cabin upholstery .


With all that full gloss black at cockpit area , now I'm leaning more towards a black outboard instead of white !  Any suggestion ??  





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Thanks Riggs and smccormick !


Cabin upholstered and teak  ready to be glued down.  Zuki AP is on its way  ?


I'm thinking about some kind of radial arch around the cockpit area. First reason to put vhf antenna ,anchor light and flood light on top of it  and second reason is to attach some kind of shading ( canopy ). Still not sure about the design and practicality ! 


Last photo is what about I'm thinking 








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On 11/6/2019 at 11:59 AM, lenm said:

Looking good lotus!

The sides of your cabin look to be at least 2 inches thick. May I ask how you achieve thickness?

Hollow on inside with a backing plate/washers for radar arch?

 Hi Lenm,

only the outer part is boxed to give that 2" thickness. All the rest is 1/2" plywood as you can see in this photo  




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