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An other OC20 build !!

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5 hours ago, capriosca said:

I used the same bow roller as you on the 256 and the same anchor design (but not the fancy stainless type). I attached the bow roller directly to the deck surface using machine screws epoxied in to the king plank. The anchor tucks up nicely under the bow. It just needed a hardwood block for the anchor shank to lay on. I don't have a good photo to show you but if you look at the launch posting you will see the setup with a temporary foam block under the shank.  Might give you something to consider.


I am going to modify the roller stopper ( the small nylon upper roller )to solve that problem and also the anchor roller base will be fitted slightly facing downwards so that the anchor will sit more horizontally .


Also if that small nylon roller ( stopper) be replaced with a solid nylon  v block , this will hold the anchor from shaking from side  to side 




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Looks like the sliding door is too plain ! Any ideas ?


Still need to do some trimmings around the acrylic door to even the gap




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I really like your Ocracoke 20. It's among the best looking 20' walkarounds I've seen.


For your companionway door, the simplest solution would be painting/gel coating it a different color, perhaps also adding some vertical color detail, to break up the mass of white there.


Another thing that comes to mind is installing one or two flush, narrow windows in it, in vertical orientation over the curve down to the same height as the bottom of the console bump out, in same tint as the windshield. Allow more natural light in to the cabin and break up the mass of white. A difficult detail to build, but if there's a home builder who can do it, that would be you.


The last thing that crossed my mind is laying a wood veneer on it, matching other wood details. Of course this is also difficult to execute. Both a wood veneer and windows wood look great!


I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, you have great design solutions that work well from the details to the whole.

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Thanks Iasal for your thoughts, all noted ;). Will tackle this detail when the console is fully equipped with steering and instruments because this will have a totally different look than.


Time for some pipe work .  Bow railing almost ready, next will be some hand grip railing at stern .






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That's very slick.  I just put that sort of mechanism into a concept for some lab equipment and it was very well received.  It's much better on a pretty boat, though.

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