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Official Watertribe EC/UFC 2016 event discussion.

Alan Stewart

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I wanted to go ahead and start a thread for posting rumors, discussion, theories, suppositions, etc. regarding the upcoming Everglades Challenge and Ultimate Florida Challenge which Graham and myself will be participating in. 


I am also working on a page on the B&B website with links and information for on the boats we are entering, how to follow us and what exactly this crazy event is. 


Click here to go to the B&B site. 



The latest update is that Alan sailed his Sailing Canoe for the first time yesterday evening and Graham will likely splash his new boat today. We are getting very exited to participate in this years event and are very proud of the craft we are bringing to the table. 


Here is a video of the first sail of the new sailing canoe. 



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I just went to the link on the B&B website. One note: Grahams info is in twice, once under his name and once under Alans. Is this an "oops"?


Dreat video of Alan's new tri. But how about one taken from another boat or shore?


Anyway, best of luck to both of you!

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Boat looks great Alan. Seems to respond to rudder input well. Ama looks to bury fairly easily though. I am sure you put a lot of thought into their shape and buoyancy.  I would love to hear some of the thinking that went into your design of this boat. I love a sailing canoe. Wet and wild. You can feel every splash and every knot of speed. Have fun.

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Bandaloop will be there in all her grotty glory. (We're about three years past needing a full repaint.) But she's ready and I think so are we. You can track yours truly and my partner this year ZeroTheHero on the WT site as MisterMoon. This will be the fourth time we've pushed her off the beach at Ft. Desoto. Looking forward to finally meeting Graham. 

If the WT tracker craps out, you can follow us at http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0zD4bncx1bo6uYNrSK80WDHYhTaZfJHsE

f anyone has top secret tips about how to get to KL ahead of all the other class 4 boats, please post them here. :)

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We did not get away last night, still a few jobs to finish and load up the gear. Looks like an overnight run to Florida in order to be at the beach in the morning and then, maybe a short sail.


Without the tremendous help from Carla, Beth, Nat and Randy I would not have made it. I cannot say enough thanks.

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I noticed that Alan had some additional information about his new sailing canoe on his blog. I haven't noticed that he has given her a name yet.





Looks like they will have nice winds for at least the first few days.

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I saw Graham this morning and he was doing final rigging and a few other bits before taking off for Mullet Key this evening.  Luckily Randy (who has sailed several EC events with him) will do the early driving of the 13 hour trip to the beach.  Of course Graham is single handing Carlita and Randy will be doing pick up at Key Largo.  Carlita is really stealth with that primer job.


Allen's amas were very much restricted to a size that would fit inside the canoe along with the trailering rig and bike for the 40 mile portage.  Minus this restriction, longer amas and more sail would certainly raise the speed for other uses. Hiking would help too, if that is feasible with all the other variables that limit what can be done on such a race.

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