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Please, guys who can give advice about the bandsaw. I bought JET bandsaw  (JWBS-14DXPRO 14")

It was sold without the motor because the former owner burnt it. I saved some money on the bandsaw, but now I should buy electric motor. I want to buy a good thing.

I do not understand according to what technical characteristics I should find it.

Maybe somebody has the similar model of bandsaw.

Please, share your experience  

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Welcome to the forum.


If you have the old motor, you can rebuild it pretty cheaply (capacitors, bearings, brushes, etc.). If you don't you'll need a 1.25 HP motor. The motor that came with your saw is "face mounted" (I think), so the same style of mount is necessary. If you buy the motor from Jet, you pay through the nose for it. It's part number JWBS14DP-94 and costs in the $350 range. Are you sure it the motor is "burned up" as it's a capacitor start/run motor and replacing a capacitor is a one screw, two spade connector type of thing (really easy).

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Let's see, you want to replace a 1.25 HP motor with a 1/2 HP motor, hummmm I don't think this will work well for you. Go to the Jet site, get the specs on the motor and see if you can find a suitable replacement. Make sure you match RPM's too. Check surpluscenter.com for suitable motors.

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Agreed. The only decent things in harbor freight are c-clamps. Never seen a good power tool from there.

If you live in or near a city, there is an electric motor shop. Make friends, bribe them with beverages or doughnuts or whatnot, and get a motor from them. Money stays in your area, and you have a good resource for next time...

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