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On 4/15/2017 at 6:57 PM, Hirilonde said:

The only time the size of a boat hinders single-handing is when it is physically too big to muscle the lines.

I agree, Hirlonde.  I used to sail my Catalina 27 solo regularly.  Granted, it was only in moderate conditions.  But the Mark 3's can be hove to and reefed from the cockpit.  I would not hesitate to strike out alone on either.  This assumes that the main has a tabernacle.  Stepping the masts would be the most daunting solo task.

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I also agree - A friend of mine singlehanded his S&S 34 well into his eighties.  And that includes lowering and raising the mast while underway (to clear bridges.  It's about working smarter rather than harder.

I used to have extra long docklines on my CS17 so I could steer the boat onto the trailer in a crosswind or current.  Once the boat was in position to haul up onto the trailer I would sometimes have the extra long stern line run through a cleat on the dock and then to me standing at the winch on the trailer.  The line kept the stern from swinging until the boat was up on the trailer far enough for the guides to counteract the wind and/or current.  I don't think I'd have handled a CS20 any differently.

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