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Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build


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I have the bracket boxes all glassed and only the rear most center box in the boat to do.  Well, I almost have them done.  The glass on the bottom of the last box decided to lift and create a ~three inch air bubble that now needs to be repaired.  It happened after I did the peel ply and walked away.  Checked on it a couple hours later and never even saw it developing.


Laying out seacock placement, transducer, bilge pumps before I glass the rear bilge so I can isolate the core on the penetrations then add the top layer.


Haven't taken any photos recently not much to be seen.  


Fuel tanks were supposed to be shipped this week but haven't heard anything on that yet.

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I feel your pain. At least I don't work for a living anymore, but seems like i got more done on my boats BEFORE I retired. Miss Debbie gave up on the honey-dos long ago, but she's special and lets me get away with it. the list just keeps getting longer. Actually, I do finish the little jobs on the list. Or at least start them. It's the biggies, like new counter tops and tile backsplashes that are waiting.


Just keep plugging It'll all get finished some day....good Lord willin' and the crick don't rise!

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Here's some poser progress for the day.  Tanks arrived today, ordered on 10/25/16.  Customized, custom tanks.  Relocated and reoriented all the fittings so that no fuel lines will be routed through the console.  Eliminates needing to use explosion proof everything in the console to meet abyc specs.  Also leaves the console uncluttered for access.   Fittings will be accessible from the console through a cutout in the frames after the sole is installed.  There may be some creative cussing to make it happen.









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