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Gordy Hill

Super Battery?

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I just got a JUMPBOX V8 PRO600. It's a Lithium-ion battery system, 1.1 pounds!

I've thrown out two of those 12 volt lead-acid things when they couldn't hold a charge.

This thing will fit in a glove box! (Now where do I put the Owner's Manual?)

It claims over 20 engine starts on a single charge.

Two USB ports for charging laptop or phone.

Expected 8-10 year battery life.

I paid about $150 but I think there are better deals.

I wonder how long it would run a trolling motor.......



V8 PRO 600




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Very promising!  Please keep us appraised of it's performance.  I'm wondering about those old rules applying to lead-acid batteries, that some are for cranking and deep cycle are for lights, electric motors, etc.  

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I currently use a 8amp and 10amp lithium battery chargers for USB from Amazon. Both can charge with 1amp or 2amps, USB only. They also have built in solar panels, though it would take week to fully charge. The most I paid was $19 on Amazon.com with free shipping.


I noticed new VHF's have USB chargers, and I use a waterproof standalone (USB charge) Bluetooth speakers for music underway. These two batteries and a 15watt solar panel have provided all the juice I've needed. The only time I started worrying on a 3 day trip was with my son constantly charging his phone (2.4 amp battery) due to heavily using. The solar panel keeps up with one device on active charging just fine, but when all your doing is charging all day, it never has extra for batteries. So I would charge my waterproof Nexus 6 at night (3.4 amp battery), and hope I didn't run out of backup juice before the weekend was up.


For water proofing, in extreme weather the waterproof clear bags from a Kayak store worked just fine.. On the downside due to the type of lithium used for the batteries, I would NEVER want to get them wet.


My next battery will be the 18amp for USB charging that is $36 on amazon.

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