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Help ID this boat?


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A friend called the other day to ask if I would be interested in a free Laser hull and some other sailboat parts. In this case, it was a CB and rudder from an older homemade boat.


History is, friend kept the Laser and other boat at a lake home, which was hit by lightening and destroyed by fire. All that was salvaged were the Laser hull (all other parts, such as mast, boom, foils, sails, rigging, etc) were properly stored inside the home, so they burnt up. The other boat was also burnt, except the CB and rudder were salvaged.


Home built boat probably dates to the 50's or 60's and looks to me like it may be some type of racing scow. The CB and rudder are both both flat plate steel and are both in good condition if anyone has a use for them. Probably need to ID the boat type to know if any of this is of use.


Don't have pics of the CB and rudder, but can get them. The trailer also survived, but would need new tires.


Worst case scenario, CB and rudder and trailer are steel. Sell it by the pound!





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While I think it may be similar to the Y-flyer, I see enough differences to make me think that is not it.


Among other things, this mystery boat had a rudder head that went through a shaft log to a swept back, inboard rudder. It almost appears to me the boat is sitting on the trailer backwards, as I think that is the shaft log I see hanging down. If not, what kind of boat would have a pipe like that hanging down from the bow? If that is the stern we are seeing, I also think that is a boomkin, and there was also something similar on the bow with an eye to attach the fore-stay for the jib. I don't have those metal pieces, but could likely get them.


The CB is similar in shape to the Y-flyer, but was lifted with a winch, mounted on the aft end of the CB trunk. Just a 1/8" steel cable that went to the tip of the aft or trailing edge of the CB. Seems like that would cause a lot of drag, but a lot of boats used that type of lifting system.  BTW, both the CB and rudder are flat plat steel. Probably no more than 3/16" thick. So much for lifting foils.

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