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Tiger, you are a man after my own heart. I grew up the same way. Always into something interesting---sometimes that would get me in trouble. I was the original "strong willed child", hyperactive, ADHD before it was discovered, like Calvin of Calvin and Hobbs. The boating infection hit early and became my greatest obsession.


My poor wife just doesn't get it. "Why do you need all those boats, the garage is for the car, what about the honey-do jobs, the grass needs to be mowed, blah-blah-blah......"

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Well, I seem to be unable to make a smooth top on that tube type stuff. I either had a big bead, or a coved in seam.

So, I decided to fill the cove with putty, and paint the rails to match the deck.

Meh. Next time I'll just set them down a bit from the corner and keep a thin strip of deck color above the rail.

Live and learn.

And keep on going, because I'm almost ready to sail this dumb thing!


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