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Weekender waterline question


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Hi, All Weekender builders!
I am painting the hull of my Weekender boat and have faced with a difficulty – how to draw a waterline correctly. I scoured the forums for advices without finding anything. 
Please could anyone of Weekender builders and owners help me and advise how many inches I should measure from the bottom line to up by the side of the stempost and sternframe?
Best Regards,
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   Hello Eoghan and welcome aboard!

   I haven't built a Weekender so I don't have the information you are asking for but with this design I believe you might do well to actually wait until the boat is finished and put it in the water so you can measure the waterline rather than try to predict it.  The waterlines of Weekenders and other boats of similar size and displacement can be a bit variable because we all make slightly different decisions on materials and layout.  Fortunately it's not too difficult to move these boats around and flip them over.

   You've got a pretty finish on your boat so far and it looks like you're doing very good work.

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The Weekender's WL can be all over the place. If she's built light the stem to bottom joint will just be kissing the water and the transom will be just clear. It's pretty rare to see them this way. Most have an inch or two of stem to bottom joint immersed and the transom is also immersed a few inches.


The good way to make this line is with a laser, though you can putter around with a water level if you want, once you go laser, you'll never go back. The boat needs to be level side to side, which is pretty easy on a flat bottom boat, so all you need is her fore and aft trim, which at best is a crap shoot, because you don't really know what she weighs. Personally, I'd wait, as Ken has mentioned, until you can launch her and see where her fore and aft trim is going to be. Park her in calm water and wade along side with a can of spray primer in hand. Dry the stem at the waterline and spray a dot of primer, doing the same on one of the transom corners too. The primer will not stick where the boat is getting wet and can be easily removed once you get home with some thinner, so you can mark the WL.

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