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Weekender (Stephenson) Cost to Build?


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I understand that there are many builders of the Stephenson 'Weekender' on this site.  I just ordered plans (on impulse) and I was curious what the total build cost would be.  It certainly doesn't seem like it would be very much but I'm curious to ask those with personal experience.


Thanks in advance.

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The cost of any boat building project will be three times as much as you tell your wife it will be. 


On a more serious note (not that my first statement is wrong), the real answer is "it depends". It depends on what quality materials you use, how you source them, how you source sails and sailing gear, and what level of finish you desire. I can't speak for a Weekender since I've never built one (not a fan), but assuming the cheapest possible build is 1, you could spend anywhere between 1 and 5. 

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Back in 2001, I spent $2,561. Here's the log of my costs back then: http://www.frankhagan.com/weekender/boatcost.htm


The single most expensive items: sails from Stephenson's Projects ($475).


In California, when I registered the boat at the DMV, they requested the receipts to see if I had paid sales tax on the materials. That avoided paying sales tax on the boat value (which was $2,561, the cost of the materials).

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