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Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

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Here is Sumer Breeze with her new ownwers, Dale and Kristi in Florida.

Oh, man, I just can't do that again. I've done a few small sailboats with all the filleting and taping and mixing and sanding. I also did a round few strip/glass canoes with all the mixing and sanding

After considerable research and development, I've found surgical tubing makes the finest slingshot engine.

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In case you’re not aware, the Little River Band came out with a song in the late ‘70’s entitled ‘Cool Change”.  The last line of the refrain is “ I know that it’s time for a cool change”.


I agree with PAR- changing the name of a boat is “bad luck”.  But I did it once, and the gods were kind.  The name of the Catalina 27 I bought was Socialite II.  I changed it to Thrillsbe, which rhymes with my last name.  It provided us with many thrills.

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Hi folks, this is my first post here and I just wanted to introduce myself as the new owner of Summer Breeze!  After being a fan of the CS17mk3 for a while (but not having the time to build one myself)  I finally talked Dale into selling SB to me and I'm happy that I was also able to read her whole build history here on this thread so I hope its ok to resurrect it after a year.  Having access to Chick should be an interesting experience and quite bi-lateral since I'm a pretty active Internet/Social Media kind of guy myself so you can hear all about how SB will live on through my adventures.  And for those who don't know me, I already have a lot of boats and a lot of adventures all up and down the West Coast of Florida, the panhandle and including 6 cruises to the Keys in the last 7 years or so.  So this should be fun!


Chick certainly did a great job building SB and as a scientist type who respects great engineering, I can see all the quality and craftsmanship that went into the build (and the design too).  I'm already working on enhancing her further and Dale helped me install some oar locks before I took delivery a couple weeks ago.  We also went out for a nice intro sail on Lake Tarpon before I brought her home.


Now I have my 'frankenstein' oars under construction which combine production oars and some custom extension pieces I'm building to create these 2-piece 11 foot oars.  Thanks to Graham for giving me the idea to use the duckworks ferrules to split them so they can fit in the cabin berths when the boat is stored.  Hopefully I'll be able to test them out in Tampa Bay this weekend!




Once I make sure the length is good out on the water, I'll finish them up and also build a couple of oar hooks which will slide onto the boom gallows shafts at the stern of the coamings.  That way they can be ready to deploy quickly if they are on the hooks and hanging back a few feet past the stern.  I also want to see if there is any way to leave the sails up on the masts (with bags over them) with the masts in the down position because that would cut rigging time almost down to nothing.  Its my first boat with tabernacles and already love that feature.


The next mod I plan will be to connect up my Garmin 546s GPS (which is the same one I use on my Mac26X) which has all my routes and tracks etc.  Seems like this RAM mount is a decent looking setup although I may have to add another ball and socket pair to get all the motion angles I would need to be able to swing this in and out of the companionway.  I suppose if I were a good woodworker (which I'm not) then I might build my own swing arm and hinge but it just seems easier to buy this sort of production mount.  Haven't found much opinion already written up on best ways to mount a GPS on a boat like this but I also don't want to block the use of the pretty shelves that Chick built.  Luckily Chick also left me an extra breaker for it too.



After this, I may take SB out to Fort Desoto in a couple weeks to see the event she was designed for. ;)  Always fun to talk to the competitors right before the race.  The next mod may be a solar panel to keep the battery charged.  Not yet sure how I'll do that one but without the swing front hatch, it can't be done the same way Graham did it on Carlita.  I'm toying with the idea of hanging something off of the boom gallows, but its not a developed thought yet.


Further down the road I may want to add some more sails to her.   That furling asym that Graham has at the end of a bowsprit looks super cool or maybe I'll consider the mizzen stay sail...or maybe even both if it seems like they don't overlap in function too much.


So those are my initial plans and I'll need to do a few trips with her over the upcoming weeks to get acquainted better.


Regards, Dimitri (from Tampa)

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Hi Dimitri,


Welcome to the forum. I can't speak for Chick but I feel that I know him pretty well and I believe that he will be just as pleased as I will be to hear how you will use SB and follow your adventures together here and elsewhere on the forum.


Carlita has given me a lot of pleasure and I am sure that SB will do the same for you.

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Welcome Dimitri.  I see you are already in the adds and adornments portion of the program.  Many of us have been stuck there for years.  I made 10' oars for my Lapwing using those ferrels.  They are quite sturdy and lack the slop I thought they might have in the coupling.  Have fun!

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Thanks for the welcome guys!  I did take her out over the weekend and tested the new oars...those monsters are huge, that's for sure (about 11'1" long).  I also did get my GPS connected and am pondering what type of installation I should do with it...most people do opt for the swing out of the companionway I suppose so they can use it in or out of the cabin..but I may need to look around at some other installations for inspiration before I commit to anything.


Back to the oars, I contemplated cutting off 6 inches of the uppers because when I pulled them inboard more, they were much better balanced and still grabbed enough water, but that would also remove mass where its needed so maybe not such a good idea.  They definitely rowed much easier when I pulled them in about 4 feet inboard each, but then there is about a 1 foot overlap so I have to do like a circular rowing motion one oar at a time which although somewhat of a restful rowing position, does not get the same power as pulling both at the same time and putting your back into it.  I'll send a pic once I finish the uppers.  The featherweight lowers sure do flex a lot but hopefully, they won't break...ferrules worked great on their maiden voyage and seem very solid.

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