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Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

Chick Ludwig

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I may be missing something, but why did you dead end the hauling part of your centerboard cascade on the forward bulkhead and run it thru a fixed double block above the end of the case instead of using a fixed single block with the hauling part dead ended on its becket?

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If it ain't broke don't fix it! Just wondered why you did it that way


Just saw this on Duckworks; http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/16/howto/hardware

If you ever have to 'combat anchor' like Graham did a set of these well rounded off chocks could save your boat. I have seen 2 boats take unintended voyages because of pretty chrome sharp edged bow chocks.

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There are good chocks and bad ones, most can be easily identified with a quick glance. The cheap ones are cast and the flash is still in place, which will cut a line, though you do need a lot of "sawing" on it first, which an unattended boat can see. The better ones are forged and polished, before plating and they look it. All the edges are eased and the finish is clearly superior. Price is a pretty good indication of what type of piece you're buying, as forged stuff cost a fair bit more, but is also a lot stronger.



good chock



bad chock


The good chock has well eased edges and rounded profiles, while the bad chock has crisp edges and will probably cut right through a line after a hard night. Also note the quality of the reflections. The bad chock is wavy, while the good one is rich, deeper and smooth. You choose a wife the same way as a deck fitting BTW.

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I guess you guys think that summer Breeze has forgotten all about y'all, but we've just been busy with other things. We have gotten a few things done. Here are a few pictures for you. I still have some shelves to build up front, and the battery box/step.


post-1823-0-23073700-1465309562_thumb.jpg  Fiddle rail across front.


post-1823-0-66793000-1465309565_thumb.jpg  Trim under companionway, switch panel, and new shelf to port.


post-1823-0-10854800-1465309569_thumb.jpg  Close up of trim around c'way. i just don't like "raw edges" of plywood.


post-1823-0-71933600-1465309572_thumb.jpg  Switch panel waiting for switches. It folds down for access to the back.


post-1823-0-93836100-1465309575_thumb.jpg  Cushion retainer rails and cleats to support bunk filler.


post-1823-0-92954000-1465309578_thumb.jpg  Bunk filler. This and cushion will also serve a backrest when set to side of seat cushions.


post-1823-0-02363700-1465309582_thumb.jpg  I dunno why I put this pic here. Just looking up at the overhead.


I'll post more pictures with cushions in place later after finishing the shelves and battery box and varnishing---and sanding. I just LOVE sanding, don't y'all? -----NOT!!! Hey, we might even get out sailing this summer.


I just noticed the blood stain to the right of the bunk filler. Lots of blood, sweat and tears go into boat building. If ya don't believe me, just ask "Stumpy".


Oh yeah, gotta make floor boards (Cabin sole?)

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I do not like power sanding at all. None. Well, I don't like MOST power tools.

However... I do feel a kind of weird Zen with a painter folded piece of paper in my hand, or the big old longboard, taking swipes.

Still, one reason I quit all the sheathing and glooping is the sanding.

Don't tell anyone, though, but I went back to the dark side. One final trip. Yup. A 20 foot stitch and glue sailboat (plans from my morgue) is growing in my garop as we speak. I needed a big boat fast, sos I can get out there and Messabout next year...

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Honest to goodness, give me another week and I'll post a pic of a 3D hull. The last four butt blocks (yes, Virginia, I'm THAT type of sinner) were glued down today, and everything else is done but cutting out the last few panels and stitching her up.

I'll post on the main forum, in deference to the Men who host here.

Another hint, though. It has a leeboard, and a sister ship has completed more than a few ECs, with an obviously capable skipper.

Don't worry. I'm still going to build the lapstrake boat. You didn't think I was going to stop building dumb little boats, did you? :)

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Chick, the interior looks great. I think the cushion retainers are a great idea if you are going to have traditional cushions made.  I also like your bunk filler and plan on something similar. I may make a mount somehow to turn it into a cockpit table. Did you make a decision on a step into the cabin?


I think I'm planning to paint my interior like Jay, but these pictures have me questioning that.

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Steve, I guess i'm just a nut for brightwork. I do have "traditional cushions. The way they go back under the cockpit seats would keep them in place, but I just like the retainers. Besides, I needed something to cover the edge of the plywood berth tops. My filler is a bit small for a table, but will work as a backrest I think. On a small boat, everything needs to do "double duty".


I'm starting on a battery box/step today. I'd like to do something really clever in that spot, but nothing seems to work out. Sometimes ya just gotta "KISS" it. With the filler and battery box in place, there is not much foot room left. Also have to keep it low enough to be able to slide the porta-potti out from under the bridge deck.

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