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Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

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Robert, keep it coming. I also have a warped sense of humor.


Steve, got the "take care"! I don't think that the guard would allow me to make the cut, or even fit on the saw. But following some safety guides would have "saved me". I'll try to do better.

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Here is Sumer Breeze with her new ownwers, Dale and Kristi in Florida.

Oh, man, I just can't do that again. I've done a few small sailboats with all the filleting and taping and mixing and sanding. I also did a round few strip/glass canoes with all the mixing and sanding

After considerable research and development, I've found surgical tubing makes the finest slingshot engine.

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Jay, yep. I go out and walk around, and even climb on board. Time will heal and I'll be able to get back to work on her.


PAR, got plenty of nails left to chew. I've thought of renaming her "Blood, Sweat, and Tears".


Robert. Once again you've brought a little chuckle.


Don "Thrillsbe" picked me up and took me around to visit the other Southern Appalachian Messers yesterday. I have to go walk the dogs, but I'll be back to add some pictures in a few minutes. Y'all check back.


I'm back, and here are the promised pics.


post-1823-0-32529800-1442937131_thumb.jpg  This is Don with his soon (?) to be completed Bay River Skiff.


post-1823-0-00899400-1442937133_thumb.jpg  The "other" Don and part of his fleet.


post-1823-0-35096300-1442937134_thumb.jpg  David with his Spindrift 10. We're all offering advice on substituting a balanced lug sail.


post-1823-0-79589900-1442937135_thumb.jpg  Check out the detail inside the transom.


post-1823-0-25719400-1442937137_thumb.jpg  Terry and his Sooty Tern. He's working on the sailing rig now. And how about that beautiful shop!

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Chick, I'm so glad I can make you laugh, even a little. I have to admit the McCarthy one really got me. I'll keep passing along any other good names I can muster.

I'm glad you're keeping busy, but remember to rest. Feet up, club on your chest, glass of iced tea. Think blissful thoughts, like, "Heal, heal, heal" and rest. You suffered a trauma, brother.

As to your trip, I feel a certain kinship with the "other" Don, although I never put them near each other. If I keep my boats spread out so I only see one at a time, I feel less crazy.


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Isn't Apple working a nub to zoom feature for the next iPhone . . .


Even though this has been difficult for you, at least when you put your hands in your pockets, you can still count to 11 . . .


You lost part of your finger, but on the other hand you're just fine . . .

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Oh, "Good Grief Charlie Brown", you guys are really "stretching it" now. Hey, wait, grab hold and "stretch" that finger back out...


Got the bandage off and stitches out today. All is about expected except that th last bone in the little finger was fractured and had to have a pin in it. The pin will be removed in a couple of weeks. I have to go for physical therapy twice a week. Also have to wear a removable splint to immobilize the fingers.

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Gee thanks, Meester. Hopefully I'll be able to get a grip, and get back to back to some light work after the "pin" comes out of my little "pinky" in two weeks. Hey, do y'all wanna see it??? Please ask wives and kids to leave the room....  





Hope that didn't gross ya out too much. Take it as a warning---BE CAREFUL around the SHARK!

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