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Building the Bay River Skiff 15 #152

Don Silsbe

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She finally got launched last Saturday.  It was a light air day, which is perfect for learning my new boat.  She ghosted along like a dream in practically no air.  Launch photos and a few videos follow.  The older gent in the launch photo is Don Rausch.  He's my boatbuilding mentor, and the guy responsible for introducing me to B&B Yacht Designs.






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Steve W:  I'm not a beekeeper, but I do like to play with words.  The (non-plywood) materials are all locally grown, and the boat's a honey, so...


Alex:  The water is too chilly to try the boarding ladder, at least to intentionally try the boarding ladder.  I'm waiting a few months before I do that, hopefully.  I think the oars are 8' long.  I'll measure them later on, and get back to you.

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Now it's time to thank you all for all your technical support.  She is a much finer Honey than she would have been without all your assistance.  Soon, I'll post a photo of my mizzen sheeting system, so stay tuned.  But thanks, everyone, for the help.

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