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Summer sailing


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   I thought I'd post this for our Northern Hemisphere brothers and sisters.  When I was in the Great White North I used to love seeing sailing photos posted from the Antipodes in deepest darkest January :)

   It was 30c (86f) today with 18 knot breezes occasionally gusting to 22.


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Good morning sir. Its nice to see you on the water. its your typical warm up and rain, get cold and wind and raw conditions here. But one day closer to spring I say and we will19'  be back on the water before we know it.  Of course in the meantime we or I am making pretty some of the leftovers from last year's launching of the shallow draft open water juniper framed Harkers Island style skiff built with lap plank. What a ride too. I am now building it in a larger 21 foot version and actually doing hard plans for the two. Gasp.....As always why be normal you know with me. hehe 

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The boat is very dry and runs proud on the water. Its actually got one of those new fangled self steering feature, and runs by itself. The bow has a huge amount of storage and has plenty of room for the bride to sit stretched out up there in comfort using the double console seat cushion. Oh it does not have a tee top on it, like its depicted in the shot.;<} The boat was framed with juniper frames and in he same manner as the working skiffs from Harkers Island. I just modified the stem and added some slight tumblehome at the transom even with the sides raked outward with the flared front frames, planking it in lap. Its all 6mm plywood instead of the favorite strip plank. This saved huge amounts of weight too, even though the planks did take some work to deal with the flare and 12" running distances of the faces of the frames. The new 21' footer will have a stringer system in the bottom, which removes all the framing and work, while creating a better deck system for the novices.



Oh just for you, just in case you are missing the area, a shot on the beach at the cape from an evening cruise. I had some better shots of the boat running. But I was hit with a computer encryption virus, which hit all of my JPG files called CTB locker, or known on the web as Ransomware. So anyone with photos stored on their computer should be aware. Thankfully I had about 80 percent of the current files backed up. But got lazy with some of the picture folders and had not got around to back some key ones up.








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