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Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Skeena"

Steve W

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Thanks for the excellent trip report Steve.  The Chesapeake Bay has to be one of the best small boat cruising grounds on the east coast, and Core Sounds seem to be custom designed for the bay.


I see a wake in your picture 😁👍.

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Longer Sprits

Paul described to me a problem of his mizzen sprit catching the mainsail when swinging over in a tack (if I understood the unfortunate event correctly.)  He decided the mizzen mast needed to be raked back sufficiently (he decided he built it too upright, I think) to avoid a repeat. 

I left my sprits long on my CS15.  In a stiffer breeze with the reefs in, my mainsail was caught by the sprit in a sudden gust while just getting the mainsail up.  My wife and I managed to scramble up to the windward side and got the boat rebalanced, allowing the mainsail to be released by the mizzen sprit and normalcy returned. Quite an exciting introduction to the boat for my wife. 😅  I cut the sprits twice to what I think is a good balance length… or what was called for in the plans (go figure.)


The point is to be thoughtful about sprit length for the mizzen sail to avoid catching the mainsail in the various reefing combinations. 

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Joe mentioned on the messabout thread a tip Graham mentioned about better upwind performance by getting the sail flatter. I mentioned I felt I embarrassed the B & B legacy with my lousy windward performance at the MASCF. I had a great race going until the upwind finish. The problem/solution was twofold:


  • My water ballast tank had leaked overnight and was 3/4 full on a light wind day and I had no idea. While you were all having fun at the mess-about I wired up a three-way valve and a second bilgepum to pump water out so that never happens again. 
  • My sprits were a little short, so sail shape was really not very powerful upwind.  I made a new Main Sprit and moved the original main, cut down a bit to the Mizzen. FTR, I think the snap hooks add about two inches of needs to the sprit lengths, and if I had to do the race at the MASCF over again I would have tied the snotter lines and the sail direct as a work-around. No need anymore.

Finally, a tip for all who wonder what to do with the reef line excess when reefed or when transporting the sprits (I've made it a rule to always rig both reefs!). The little elastic bands girls and some boys used to tie their ponytails up that are sold in the drugstore are perfect for installing on your sprit. Tip:The black ones are the most UV resistant. Coil the excess and stuff under one of these. It also works for transport and I never bothered installing the fairleads on the sprits as  afew spaced along the sprit wit hte reef line run under works fine. Get extra as the sun will weaken them over a season, but they sure work good.



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