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Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Skeena"

Steve W

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Thanks so much for the detailed response and photo. (Hope this is ok, Steve?) I like the placement of your cheek blocks to pull the clew back. Perhaps I need to refine my heave-to as well. Good point about loosening the mizzen snotter so much the sprit can catch on the main sheet/sprit - had that happen too (yikes).

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OK, so I spent Sunday morning sailing with a bit more breeze than before. I had a friend with some weight to help and never thought I needed to reef, but I decided to practice putting a reef in the main. It went so-so. So please chime in with advice if you have any.


  1. I sheeted the mizzen hard. Skeena backed herself quietly. First I raised the rudder and the centerboard like my sea pearl and a it wasn't good. It seemed much better with the centerboard down. The jury is out on having the rudder down.
  2. I released the snotter and the halyard, but the main didn't come down very well. I'm not sure why. I just went forward and put the down-haul hook up to the first grommet, which worked fine. I was able to pull the sail down that way.
  3. The only trouble was going out on the deck. I opted for not having the rigging complexity of more lines and went for the simple setup. But I was imagining what it might be in real waves. I could poke my head out the hatch. I think maybe I'll rig two additional down-hauls.
  4. I've got longer arms and I had not trouble with the aft cleats. For this weeks sail on the Chesapeake I'm going to have to be careful.
  5. I will say that the sail shape with this rig is easy to keep.
  6. It took way to long and I need to practice.


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HI Steve,

Your boat looks Gorgeous!!


I run the two main reef downhauls back to the cockpit and just leave them in place when I un-rig. Rigging then is just a matter of hooking them into the cringles as I bend on the main - it's pretty quick and I think worth it. Also, because I've got and often use our dodger, I never jump up onto the deck underway but instead poke up thru the hatch. I like it actually, because in the 17 at least, it feels pretty secure and gives me the access I need to the foredeck. I agree with Paul - both with respect to rigging and reefing. They get better over time. Practice reefing though, seems only worth it (after the initial few times) when you actually need to reef because the experience is so different with a lot of wind - than with no wind in my driveway.

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I'm totally bummed, but yesterday I had my lead technician turn in his two week notice and proceeded to claim his vacation so he could start a new job immediately. I've treated him very fairly so I'm personally hurt more than anything. 


Suffice to say I went from being almost all packed ready to leave after work Wednesday to not attending. I am bummed so many ways. I was looking forward to showing off "Skeena", looking at some options you have all done to customize her, racing, sailing with all the other boats that inspired her and sharing stories. I've spent countless hours since MASCF going through a checklist of mods I made to be ready. Errrrrrrh!


We are crazy busy and I was already driving straight and making it a quick turnaround. Now I'll just be working.



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You and Skeena sure had a fine sail at the MASCF.  Wish i could have been there with Chessie -- but I'm recovered enough so that I will attend the massabout.  Leaving Thursday and overnighting in at the Hampton in Williamston.  Be at B & B mid morning on Friday.


So sorry to hear that you and Skeena won't be at the massabout.  Having been self employed myself for 25 years I fully understand -- you must "take care of the business so lthat the business will take care of you."   I was looking forward to three CS20.3s sailing in formation.  Maybe another time, but I'm hoping to sell Chessie soon.

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