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Steve W

Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

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Most alkyd varnishes will add an amber color to bright finishes, particularly if they say "marine" or "traditional" on the label. The polyurethanes and acrylics can be much clearer, in terms of added color.


The transom I posted is veneers of mahogany glued to the actual transom, with both epoxy, a layer of 3.8 ounce cloth and traditional alkyd varnish. The image was shot in the finalizing the fit out stage. I made decisions to change the waterline height, so it was straight across the transom and also had to fill some seams with more epoxy, after removing the first few coats of varnish (yeah, sanded it all off). The image can be enlarged quite a bit, so you can see the divots and seams I wanted to fill in.

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Hull almost done. Centerboard in. Retrieval tackle rigged. Great time to do that while the boat is upside down for those doing this in the future.


Latest dilemma: Not much info in the plans about locating the water ballast thru-hull bailer. But before I go cutting a hole in a perfectly good boat, I'll accept thoughts. The only one I have is that it should be away from the keel enough that I'm not weakening the thick glass laid down the keel line. This also means it won't drain completely when on the trailer. Thoughts please. It probably doesn't matter which side or does it?


Oops. Never mind. Paralysis by Analysis. All in. Film at 11.




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