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Appalachian mess-about

Chick Ludwig

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  A quick question. I have a 15' wooden power boat.  I could bring it if you don't think it would get in the way and or might be helpful.  It is not  a B&B brand.  If not I can bring my kayak.  I am good with either, but don't want to be the one guy disturbing the peace unless there is a good reason... such as platform for photos and movies. 


Your call. 


Best Regards

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I dropped the rudder assembly for my sailing canoe on the concrete garage floor, and cracked the blade. That loosened the lead weight, too, so now I gotta bash out the lead, repair the blade, remelt and repour the lead...

I might be paddling during my simpatico Messabout Alone on the Lake (or River) instead of sailing. Maybe if it's warm enough, I'll do some extreme minimalist boating (swimming in a wetsuit :) ), too.

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My wife and I will be there starting Wednesday and leaving on Monday.  I have multiple trips to make-- one for the boat and one for the trailer.  But we should be settled in nicely by Friday. 


I suggest that we all bring our VHF marine radios.  That might be the easiest way to keep in contact with one another.  I'll turn mine on Friday afternoon, ch 16.

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Well, my rudder is going to still be broke, so I'll be paddling my kudzu kayak Saturday at my Central Sierra Missabout. :)

I'll post photos too, and we can Messabout virtually. Use the Internet for its greatest purpose, to connect, eh?

Although, I just might show up next year with a boat and a uke, or two...

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Time for our first annual (we hope) Mountain Messabout. Also known as the "Southern Appalachian messabout". We're looking forward to seeing all of you hillbillies as well as you flatlanders. Looks like a bit of rain, but we won't let that dampen our enthusiasm! 


Here is the report: https://weather.com/weather/5day/l/HRTLK:13:US


Be sure to bring your camera and/or other picture/video device. We want to have LOTS to post here.


See y'all soon.

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