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Thanks Tom,  

I'm in the process of updating the electrical diagrams to "as built".  I probably went a little overboard with all the creature comfort items resulting in some added weight.  

I weighed the boat last year, with the galvanized trailer  I came to 5160 LBS,  Since then the plumbing lines and electrical wiring has been added.  I will have the boat weighed again this week and the trailer empty afterwards.

Last fall the top speed with the Etec 75 was 25 Mph.  I will do some trails hopefully after this weekend.  I did like how it handled the few times we had it in the water.



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Getting closer to declaring Betsy Lee finished (if that ever is achieved). Still some projects to complete. Looking forward to a shakedown cruise next month.

I did not vent the fuel tank compartment, but realize this is a project I'll have to undertake. I can mount a blower in the splash well for the outlet, but the inlet will be a little more complicated. It's too late to run a vent hose under the cockpit floor, and I'm not sure I'd want to compromise the longitudinal bulkheads with 3" holes. I'm thinking of something like a sturdy shower drain vent or two on the foreword end of the cockpit floor above the fuel compartment, so the blower would vent the compartment. Might result in a little rain water getting into the fuel compartment, which would drain into the splash well. What do you think?



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I don't know, but I really like that livery! The botto paint complements the topsides well. And, gosh, that blue up against the white really accentuate that lovely swoopy break in the sheer line.

It's easy (hah!) to draw a pretty boat, much harder to actualize one.

Nice work all around, everybody.



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I know I know a boat is never finished until it sinks. I did get around to adding the lower rub strip, and I think it looks great. The back door is assembled and varnished waiting to be installed before the season along with a fresh coat of paint all over some interior trim etc etc etc. Also a 1953 Chris Craft 17 foot mahogany utility with a small block in it to go into the garage fo restoration. Gonna be busy Yea



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