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CS17 MK3 Build - Seattle


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Hi Steve - thanks a lot for your replies, and glad you found something of interest. I could send you a chunk of the ss tubing I used, if you like. Feel free to msg me with your address. I had to drill it out a bit to get my lock to fit, but it wasn't that hard to to do. The guides on the anchor roller are delrin. There are lots of things to grumble about living in Seattle, but access to incredible, beautiful places, and to killer marine supply houses aren't among them. I'm lucky to live within 10 minutes drive of both Online Metals and Fisheries Supply, so getting delrin rod stock or ss tubing, etc, has never been a problem, and I don't have to pay shipping.


Jay, if memory serves, I think you might be the one who started us all off on keeping the sprits on the masts - thanks! I still get pretty tangled up with snotters and other lines when I go to raise the masts, and always have to talk myself through it to minimize the tangle. I think I'm getting a little better at it. I'd love to see pictures of your masts/sprits/sails etc as they go together for trailering. I can't quite picture it all in my head, but I'm sure I've got some things to learn once I do. Your boat, and Steve's, are the envy of all of us - so cool to see how you've both gotten such great use out of it (already, for you Steve!).


Hope to see you on the water one of these days, Randy,



Whenever I head to the fwd hatch to manage something up front, I've always needed to break trail through the duffles and gear that inevitably end up on the sole. It's been a pain, especially if haste was involved, so  I made a lee cloth to contain the stuff. Each end unclips so it's easy to fold down out of the way. I bought a sailrite machine to sew our dodger and manage smaller projects like this - love  that machine!


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Well let’s see here bigger is better,  but cost is also a factor for me I wanted a boat that would be great to sail single handed and have the capability to sleep in the cabin and of course it needs to have room for a portable head.I am still building the boat this year this month will be two years into the build. I think that in order not to highjack this topic we should move our corespondents to the build of hull 24. And 3feet is a lot


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