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Marissa (eco 18) went to Europe !! photos of build


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Hi all ,


I am new to this forum . I live in Malta Europe a small island in the Mediterranean.


A couple of years ago I've built a kayak ( eureka 155 ) and it was a real fun doing it !


A year later I've decided to built a real boat and Marissa 18 immediately caught my eyes. 


At the end of last year I email Graham about the plans and the shipping costs all the way to Malta.


I found out that he is very friendly and helpful.


About 4 months ago I received the very detailed plans and a cd full of Marissa's photo ( the red one that Graham built for the competition)


Started studying plans and the few questions I had where always  immediately answered by  Graham via email as he is very available and helpful !


The plans are simple to understand and the full scale drawings are a real help. The only full scale drawing that was missing is a section of the centre console ( think that it is a misprint ) but its not a problem at all as one can scale it up from the plans.


I've bought all the plywood and wood needed and started with my project last May 2014 and as you can see from the photos attached here is my progress !!

















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In fact when I spoke to Graham about this idea he told me that it looks better than he thought that it would . He told me


' the only concern I have is raising the centre of gravity and increase windage.'


He told me also


' The increased freedoard will increase the down flooding angle.'


which in my opinion this will be better for our waters !

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Your work looks great.  I like the lines.  I just have a question about the transom.  Aren't the topsides decks over each side of the motorwell structural?  I wonder what effect changing that structure will have when you're running a 60 hp outboard in rough seas.  Are you planning some additional reinforcement?


I've thought about installing a white oak knee on the keel to transom joint on my boat. I don't think it's necessary but all the outboard powered boats I owned when growing up (all wood) had them. 

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Hi Mike, yes the top sides are structural infect I am going to lower them about 2 inches and make them parallel to each other . I have then transom pictured in mind and yes I added some reinforcement too.


I like the idea of adding some material  to the keel, it will surly help . My only concern is that white oak  is a hard wood and has a different density than the other wood you're using . This may result in  different movements than the rest of the boat with climate changes . I would use the same material you used for the keel.


Some more photos !





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I am trying to figure out where I can put ( or hide ) a portable toilet in this small boat. Some put it inside the console but I noticed that these type of consoles are so big ( having a side door to enter in for some privacy).


Still with no idea :unsure:


Dose any one have some genius ideas ?!? 


Today I finished the new designed transom . It gave her a new look and I am very happy with the lines .


We can say that now Marissa got a ' facelift '  ;)





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Your boat looks great Lotus!  I'd like to see a profile when you have one. 


I've seen a picture (I think it was Russell's boat) that had a port-a-pottie in the port compartment next to the motorwell.  It would be kind of roughing it for females but hey, it's a 18' open boat! 


I noticed that you went through one of the longitudinal stringers with the PVC chase.  Are you planning on moving the console more forward?  Also, what is the size of your fuel tank?  I was thinking I'd go with the one Graham suggests but he said that a 50hp may be better off with a larger tank. 


Also, what are you planning on sealing the deck to chase joint with?  I noticed some grey substance on the chase pipe where it passes through bulkhead 2 on your boat.  I tested epoxy on a piece of PVC that I roughed up and it didn't stick very well.  I want as water-tight deck as possible.



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Thanks Mike,


Yes I am planning to move the console about 16 inches forward so that there will be more space at the back and if possible I will fit a folding seat to the transom. According to Graham moving the console forward dosent make much difference. He told me that with his smaller motor, the GPS would show about 1knot drop off in speed when  putting  too many people forward.


About the fuel tank the only tank I found in my country that  fits in that space is  a 72 litre. Personally I preferred a 90 litre but every outboard dealer told me that 72l is more than enough  for a 60hp as the new 4 stroke engines are very economical .


The deck to chase gap will be filled with that gray stuff . Its a kind of marine sealer that bonds with almost every surface including pvc. The brand is ' sika ' a very good product manufactured in Italy. They manufacture a lot of construction related products.


If you look for marine sealer that contains fusion polymer it will be good for pvc. Always test a sample.


Some more photos







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Thanks Mike , glade to hear that some one is using my photos as a reference ! Would be happy too is some one takes some ideas about the new lines I gave to Marissa !


Have you managed to flip the boat or you're going to glass it first ?


Think I found a solution where to put the portable toilet . You will see in a couple of days if this Idea works ;)  

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