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Marissa 18 Eco Build ~ PHOTOS~


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  • 2 weeks later...

Latest update:


The console is completed and installed.  All the large-gauge wire has been run to the switch, main fuse and buss bars.  I went with 4 ga. since per my dealer's suggestion. I also ran the engine harness, and steering tubing through the chase.


I got the rub rails made and installed.  I originally planed and tried to use white oak but it was very hard to bend around the bow curve.  Mahogany is softer and seems to bend slightly better so that's what I used.  I'll install SS rub rail next winter... I want to go boating now!


I'll also make the doors for the console and aft lockers when it's cold out.  Since these areas will be closed, I'm not painting them.


I got the first coat of primer on all but the cockpit sole and swim platform.  I have one more piece to make and install before painting the sole - the seat support.


Here's a few pictures:








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Very nice.  I like your foot space at the bottom of the console.  I noticed fishman also made a step at the bottom of his console.  Although different from yours, still a place for your feet.  I now wish I had done something similar.  Leaning post placement is critical for a comfortable fit.  Mine is just square at the bottom and although it works, its just not quite right while standing and leaning against the seat.


Your boat is going to be a nice rig.

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Thanks Miyot.  I can't take credit for the toe kick,  I just built the boat from the kit that I bought from Graham.  I mostly stuck to the plan and when I modified something, I was very careful.  The fire extinguisher box was my idea and I think it was a good one.

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Thanks Dale. 


Latest update:  I'm pretty much done with the wiring with the exception of the engine harness.  I still need to set up the steering but I need the motor installed to do that. 


I got the boat on the trailer and the hull painted over the weekend.  Did lots of other stuff too.


The boat is now ready for the engine and I'm hoping to get it installed this week.









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  • 1 month later...

I noticed that you used the side marker navigation lights.

It is my understanding that they are no longer approved 


Clarification: As of  Jul 2014 the Inland Navigation Rules have been amended to read the same as the International rules.  The International Rules do not allow lights to be mounted below the sheer. It says :

  1. The sidelights of a power-driven vessel shall be placed at a height above the hull not greater than three quarters of that of the forward masthead light. They shall not be so low as to be interfered with by deck lights.

This means you cannot have the sidelights below the sheer line of the hull on a boat configured for international OR inland rules.  I repeat, on boats configured for inland rules you cannot use bullseye type lights below the sheer line.



I was about to do them on a Jericho Bay skiff that I am currently working on, but then took pause from this information.

Have you heard of this one before?  I love the look of what you have done and would like to do the same...


My next project is going to be a Marissa I hope once this one is complete.

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So it's been quite a while since my last post.  I have reduced my to-do list to a few items and went out in the boat twice last weekend.  I'm still getting to know the boat and the best way to run but it sure was fun to finally get out there. 


Here are some pictures of the launching:




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Thanks for the kind words everyone.   I don't have any underway pictures because all my picture-takers were on board.  Sorry about that.  I'll post some performance numbers after the engine is broken in.  As of now, it planes at about 4100 RPM and that's where I like to run it.  Haven't really run wide open yet.


I'll be running mainly on Hartwell and Keowee, Chick.

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I think this will be the last update for this thread.  I just wanted to thank everyone for helping out this novice boatbuilder... Happy Days is a better boat because of it.


After using the boat a few times, I realized that it had some bad characteristics in the ride department.  My boat, when loaded with three people - 2 sitting on the drivers seat and one on the front of the console - had a hard time getting out of the hole and up on plane.  It eventually made it but it was slow.  Once on step, it porpoised and pounded if the boat was moving above 24 mph.  It was also hard to maintain one speed as the boat wanted to plow or fly across the water... there was no middle ground - I was always tweaking the throttle.


I'm not one to use band-aids to cover up issues but I found something that might help fellow Marissa owners.  Not wanting to spend $500+ for trim tabs, I bought a set of Smart Tabs for about $130.00.  These are spring-loaded trim tab-looking devices that mount on the transom.  They made a huge improvement in all the problem areas mentioned above.  I was amazed.


If your Marrissa has any of the bad habits that I mention above, you might want to consider the Smart Tabs:  http://nauticusinc.com/smart_tabsSX_automatic_trim_tabs.htm

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